Playing With Others: Do Xbox Live gamers live up to the stereotypes?

Destructoid writes:

"I'm not an avid multiplayer gamer and so despite having bad experiences with playing Team Fortress 2 and a few other games on Xbox Live, I really didn't expect it to live up to the negative things I've heard people say about it. I knew just as well as anyone the particular kind of idiot you get when playing with random people on Live but equally I found myself quick to defend:

"Sure, those morons exist, but they must exist on PC, too!" I'd insist and I'm sure it's at least partially true.

Recently, though, I've had a chance to put this to a real test. After weeks of playing many public matches of Left 4 Dead on Steam, I got the chance to play it on Xbox Live for the first time over Christmas."

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Powertesties3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

both have their share of A$$hole gamers. Come one, how many times in COD4 have you launched your game to have your teammate blast a rocket up the entire teams A$$?

I have heard just as much trash talk on PSN as I have on Live. Vice Versa.

Also, this is no different that the PC as well. Just as many A$$holes on there too. Aimers, hacks, etc.

Arsenic133631d ago

The assholes say all kids balls havent drop. They hear an accent, call u a spic. There is a huge variety of the N word as well. I hate those ignorant, biased, tards that think they are superior to anyone else. I had a argument with some homophobe to. The world is filled with idiots. Then need to be killed.

bomboclaat_gamer3631d ago

it doesnt matter. xbox 360 owners and ps3 owners are people just the same. whats with the segregation?

dgroundwater3631d ago

Definitely more skilled players on PC in general. You can still meet good people who are cooperative in L4D on Live. You just have to add the people you like, and avoid the ones you don't.