GamesRadar: Stabbing Through Killzone 2

Like most of the gaming press, GamesRadar has been taking some time lately to trudge through a pre-release copy of Killzone 2, and – in a shocking twist for a game that's under tremendous pressure to be good – it's pretty good. However, in their early attempts to play the game berserker he-man style (usually tantamount to suicide in any shooter that features a "cover" button), they found an interesting flaw that pops up mainly in Killzone 2's early levels.

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Powertesties3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

is that I want it!

GIVE ME KILLZONE. I mean, give US Killzone!

Remind me not to play like that when I first get the game. Hahaha
I am sure they didn't expect players to run around with a knife and stab everyone to death. The enemy is probably thinking he is so funking retarded they don't know if they should feed him or shoot him.

Also, it looks like we will be playing it on hard people! Your health regenerates much quicker than in the MP.

PoSTedUP3600d ago

looks like i am going to play this game on HARD.

marinelife93600d ago

I made it all the way through Bioshock with just the wrench as a weapon.

Aclay3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I watched the video, and I really don't see what the big deal is. From what I saw, on Normal Difficulty, Killzone 2's A.I. is pretty brilliant. Killzone 2's A.I. on Normal Difficulty is like Night and Day compared to Killzone 1's A.I. though, and I own KZ1, so I know.

The majority of the enemies that did nothing when the guy playing approached them with the knife where either engaging another target, turned in the opposite direction, or where surprised when he came around a corner and probably didn't have much time to react.

I would love to see that guy attempt that on Hard Difficulty in Killzone 2, because he probably wouldn't get far.

Usually I always go through a game on Normal Difficulty, then attempt a harder difficulty mode, but I'll probably be playing Killzone 2 on Hard difficulty first, and if there is a Very Hard difficulty, I'll beat the game on Very Hard as well because that's something I always do.

NewZealander3600d ago

kinda reminds me of how easy turok on ps3/360 was useing the knife

airheadluffy3600d ago

he did say that this will get you killed in the later levels. he also died in the last part. from what ive seen the AI is pretty good. they just dont move fast so he just ran at them and knifed them.

donator3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

My friend and I beat some of the harder parts in Gears of War with chainsaw rushing. That was really fun so I hope the knife rushing in KZ2 is also.

Silver3603600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

If he brings a knife you bring a gun. Oh no not in Killzone if he brings a gun you whop his butt with your knife.

Edit ref: Untouchables

SRU96003600d ago

Some of you guys must be getting very dizzy, because you are trying to spin this one REALLY hard. lol

The A.I. in Killzone 2 is lame. Stop pretending that it's not and just deal with it.

FrankenLife3600d ago

Game like a man. Play on Hard

shawnsl653599d ago

no one's spinning anything, have you even played the game yet? that's right you haven't so stfu end of story.

OmegaFool3599d ago

PS3 sucks

Gears 2 looks better than KillZone 2


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Fishy Fingers3600d ago

Ha, that's great, must be on a easy difficulty setting. Your health regenerates much quicker than in the MP.

happyface3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

did you even read it? reading comprehension ftw?

he said NORMAL diff

stay in school

edit: awesome disagrees, because broken AI is awesome! and not being able to read that the author recorded the video on NORMAL is awesome!

Fishy Fingers3600d ago

Actually my edit on my comment below apologizes for not noticing, sorry I was skim reading and more interested in the video. It was to late to edit this post. Did it require the tantrum on your part?

We all make mistakes.

airheadluffy3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

the AI isnt broken. the only problem with it is just they dont move fast. if you watch the video if they see they will do something but he just ran at them so because they didnt move fast they got knifed. he said this is an excellent way of getting killed in later levels though. he almost got killed a couple times too.

to me the AI is like CoD. I ran through the first level of [email protected] knifing, but i did die a couple of times.

C_SoL3600d ago

that there's a casual market out there.

Anybody can play this game.

mfwahwah3599d ago


You may complain about reading comprehension all you want, but you obviously have no inference skills whatsoever. The AI is broken? Rewatch the video. I won't spoon feed you why the AI is good, since you'll never learn that way. It does have its flaws, but it is in no way broken.

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Cajun Chicken3600d ago

After completing the game once, this should be a mode to play through, only using the knife and have it like Time Crisis and get 3 seconds for each kill, that could be awesome, a run through the whole level slasher-style.

Hopefully this definate oversight will be sorted before release, I'm pretty sure its not meant to be like this...

trancefreak3600d ago

ya wtf thats really to easy lol. I want to be pinned down fighting my way threw it

Ju3600d ago

Why is this an oversight ? It just shows how dynamic the AI is. He refers to "early levels", you know, where they send in these poor guys being cannon fodder. They are expected to get killed (as sad as this sounds). Ever had AI guys in a game being to stupid that they can actually be surprised by what you are doing ?

zethos563600d ago

You've got be to joking. Even if they were sent in to die they wouldn't be THAT stupid.

Marquis_de_Sade3599d ago

Ju, I think that's expecting a bit too much from the AI in KZ2.

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Graphics Whore3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I don't want to read anything GamesRadar has to say about Killzone 2 after that almost embarrassing prediction article they wrote a day or two ago.

They played a whole 5 levels/2 hours.

Edit: A good sense of neutrality would be telling your visitors the level of difficulty this is exhibited on.

I don't trust GamesRader at all so.

Cajun Chicken3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I'd admit, this is a bit of an issue.

Watch the vid.

MIKEY12233600d ago

it said that they were playing on normal

austere3600d ago

silly ps3 fanboy

they state an issue with the game. A valid issue. Then even show video proof of the issue. Then go on to say they LIKE the issue with it because it is fun regardless.

The only real issue is the AI's damage seems to be too low in normal for the regular enemies and that ps3 fanboys can't take the slightest criticism with their savior of a game. Get ready cuz not everyone is gonna praise EVERYTHING about it like GTA4 or some sh!t. GO SUCK A NATHAN DRAKE'S WEINER

mfwahwah3599d ago

That article was GamesRadar UK. This one is GamesRadar US. Different authors = different opinions. Don't judge a whole website by one author's opinion on ONE game.

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SeanScythe3600d ago

I did that on COD5 on many of the easy first levels. Did't ruin the game for me, just upped the difficulty.

Fishy Fingers3600d ago

Yeah one of the trophies/achievements is to complete a level on normal or harder with only melee and nades. I think.

SeanScythe3600d ago

Yeah and in the video he got a trophy it was to small to tell what for. I bet he will wish he got some training with the gun in single player before he jumps online and trys that crap.

Fishy Fingers3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Yeah I noticed that, in the warehouse. I guess 10 knife kills or something. Still he doesn't mention what difficulty he had it set to. "Noob easy" no doubt, still like you said, if the sucker tries that tactic online he's gonna get pwned.

Edit: Opps yeah, states normal. My bad for scim reading.

Marceles3600d ago

lol @ disagrees "buh buh its killzone..not cod5...buh buh forget trophies...buh buh awww" (gives up)

Anyone who is going for 100% is gonna put it on the hardest difficulty anyway. I don't know why NON-PS3 owners are starting to act like they care so much

mfwahwah3599d ago

The trophy I saw him get was to kill 5 Helghast in 15 seconds.

FreedomReign3599d ago

but after that little video, I have to wait and see the reviews. It may hit the Used game shelves faster than you can say GTA4.

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