Playstation Store Update

Playstation blog writes:
Hey, everyone. It's time again for the weekly PlayStation Store update.

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butterfinger3331d ago

not too great of an update for 2 weeks:P

interrergator3331d ago

actually if u have qore u get a fear 2 demo

Rice3331d ago

? Fear 2 demo, which episode is it?

butterfinger3331d ago

have to be an annual subscriber, or can you just get it by purchasing the episode?

meepmoopmeep3331d ago

yeah, not too great

i'll pick up Mahjong and the free Naruto DL
and maybe subscribe to Qore

Gue13331d ago

paying for demos... that really is sad. not even a single free demo, that's even sadder...

Lifendz3331d ago

if I'm not a Quore subscriber? I bought it just because I can't get enough KZ2 coverage at this point and I'm curious about Quore anyway.

marinelife93331d ago

I'm waiting for Savage Moon to come out.

Conan9973331d ago

I know it is confirmed for Jan 15th

But Skate 2 was made on the PS3's hardware first

I don't understand why we have to wait a week longer than the 360 folks


interrergator3330d ago

its the new one episode 8 should of come out today

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blu3print3331d ago

no savage moon again...

Esena3331d ago

Yea... this is kind of ridiculous...why does every place say it is coming out yet it does not. Simply don't say its coming out if it isn't...

IzKyD13313331d ago

It should come out this month, but there was no specific date so every Thursday could see the release

Powertesties3331d ago

No demos? Two weeks for that? Come on Sony give your people something to play with. It is bad enough you only release content once a week but come on, we deserve more than this for supporting you!

Without us you would only be selling discounted TV's!

Lets get the ball rolling Sony!

Gue13331d ago

3 disagrees? So many fanboys that swallow everything Sony does... Even more sadder.

gw4k3331d ago

Why the 3 disagrees? He makes a good point. This PSN update is terrible. I love Sony too but if it is true, it is true. Give that guy the respect for being honest!

AllseeingEye3331d ago

Are you people that bored? If you have blown through all of the games that came out this last few months then you need a life. Seriously, I'm still trying to get trophies for LBP, Fallout, FarCry, Wipeout
and dozens of other psn games I've downloaded and havent had much time with. Get lives people!! Finish those great games. Go out and get yourself a women and perhaps slimmer updates wont hurt you so bad.

NathanGra3330d ago

I agree that a lot of (great) games have come out lately and I am no where near being done with them, but that doesn't change the fact that the update is a little slim. Especially when considering it's been two weeks since the update. That's all they're saying. It's not an attack on Sony, but the update itself.

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DragonWarrior465343331d ago

They put pantera in Rock Revolution? OMFG! Dude, I was gonna buy the Metallica guitar Hero this year, but it seems as if Rock Revolution knows who the real gods of metal are. F*ck rock n roll. Its all about the metal.

LeonSKennedy4Life3331d ago

but Rock Revolution is all covers

ASTAROTH3331d ago

to play some of these bands in any Guitar game. I love Guitar Hero so here are some bands I want: PANTERA!!, SEPULTURA, STATIC X, FEAR (FKN!!) FACTORY!!, MUSHROOMHEAD!! and The Last one RAMMSTEIN!!!
Whooo!!! Que Viva el Rock pesado puñ...eta!!!

TheHater3331d ago

that a disappointed to start the new year

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