Who's Next After EGM?

This Tuesday was rough for both a handful of folks in the San Francisco Bay area and the gaming industry as a whole. While the writing's been on the wall for publisher Ziff Davis since March of last year (when they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection), thousands of gamers continued to visit the company's websites and purchase Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM). Things took a turn for the worst on Tuesday evening, though, when Ziff Davis announced the sale of many of its gaming web properties to Hearst Publishing (and their competing UGO web network) and the outright cessation of EGM. As the dust settled yesterday, many of the industry's most respected journalists were left unemployed or uncertain as to their futures.

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TheColbertinator3625d ago

Make your own site Shane.I'll support it.Just like I joined Giantbomb after Gertsmann got fired by Gamespot.

Powertesties3625d ago

I have enjoyed reading EGM since I was a kid. Hell I even purchased my first Super Nintendo from Crispin Boyer.

Sad to see you go faithful magazine.