Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic out early March

Tarsier Studios' PS3 exclusive, Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic will be available to download from PSN on March 5th.

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PoSTedUP3541d ago

cool! defiantly was anticipating this game for a minute now.

BulletToothtony3541d ago

the controllers felt soo weird.. it would make way more sense to bring to a console..

It was fun, but felt different than any other fighting game.. if they nail the controllers should be a solid 8.5 to 8.8 if it costs $10..

I wish the ps3 had a supersmashbros-like game.. they're the best games to play with your friends when they visit...

ultimolu3541d ago


This game should be awesome though.

DrWan3541d ago

Anyone know the inside?

PirateThom3541d ago

The orginal was done by Mark Healey independently when he was still working at Lionhead.

I'm guessing Media Molecule are too busy to go back and update it, hence Tarsier being drafted in.

DrWan3541d ago

Man, Sony should nab all these Indies guys together to form a World Wide Sony Indi Studios to make smaller stuff like this exclusively for them.

Cajun Chicken3541d ago

That would defeat the object of being an Indie developer, its all about having no strict publisher or contracts.