Kikizo: Afro Samurai: Huge Namco Bandai Interview

Kikizo writes: "In the style stakes, Afro Samurai has absolutely nothing to prove. It has samurai, it has afros. This would probably have been enough in itself to make us frame the box art, but the game also has cell-shaded graphics - that vital prerequisite of the would-be art-house and/or cult classic - and while those graphics are easier to digest than the rather florid TV anime and mangas on which the game is based, they're otherwise entirely faithful to creator Takashi Okazaki's lank, ragged characters, outrageous action sequences and sizzling monochrome ambience. Then there's the hip hop soundtrack, studded with material from the RZA, Big Daddy Kane and other scary gangsta types, and to top it all off there's Samuel L. Jackson being Samuel L. Jackson - twice over, in fact, as the Pulp Fiction star has voiced both the titular Afro and Ninja Ninja, his loudmouthed sidekick."

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