Guerrilla Games Says 'Killzone 2' Single-Player Campaign Will Be 10 Hours Long

During Sony's CES 2009 presentation, Guerrilla Games' developer Hermen Hulst spoke about Sony's upcoming blockbuster, revealing that the single-player campaign would be "an intense 10 hour" one.

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ultimolu3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Don't see anything wrong with ten hours...unless you play the game really, really, REALLY fast. o_o

Xandet3602d ago

but if it's anything along the lines of R2's on/offline experience (short and enjoyable SP; solid and lasting MP), I'm perfectly cool with it.

PoSTedUP3602d ago

awesome, it will probably take me 18 hours the way I play my games.... but some might beat it in 2 hours if they sprint thought it..

Graphics Whore3602d ago

Halo Fanboy expects more, go figure.

NegativeCreep4273602d ago

but despite the fact that the Single Player Campaigns of the Halo games (1-3) and the Gears of Wars fall at around that time, Killzone 2 will still be treated with blatant double-standards by some gaming media outlets.

Just like Resistance 2, Killzone 2 will be treated under "special" circumstances.

heyheyhey3602d ago


they were creating the best engine in existence while making the game, so why would you assume it would be longer than 10 hours?

10 hours is above shooter average anyway

GiantEnemyLobster3602d ago

And the campaign is only 10 hours long. Epic fail.

morganfell3602d ago

"Halo Fanboy expects more, go figure." I have also noticed his once center of the road attitude has titled sharply one direction. Likely that was the direction all along and has only begun to show it's true colors as of late.

morganfell3602d ago


You get the award for most prophetic statement of the day. You are dead bang on as that is precisely what will occur. Sony will get hit for matters that are quietly overlooked in 360 titles.

Gun_Senshi3602d ago

nah FPS has 5hrs norm SP campain nowdays...even shorter like COD [email protected] passed that game in 1 sitting...

boodybandit3602d ago

You were being sarcastic, right?

I played most of the shooters this gen and 10 hours is actually above average length for a SP in a shooter. Now if it was an action adventure with no multiplayer that would be short. If it was an RPG it would be seriously short.

xlg3602d ago

YOU PS3 FANS ARE FULL OF BS. I remeber in past comments from a lot of you bashing some 10 hours games on Xbox360. Ja you are just a Bunch of lunatics! You guys are a mess... NO DOUBT YOU ARE JUST A GROUP OF IGNORANT KIDS PASSING MORE TIME HERE POSTING THAN IN YOUR PS3. YOU GUYS REALLY NEED Killzone2 TO KILL TIME.

SONYSLAVE3602d ago

these idiots don't game they don't. they are on here all the time they are very pathetic

ravinshield3602d ago

thanks blue ray for allowing this game to be much longer than the original 5 hours guerrilla was going to offer.

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ultimolu3602d ago

Ten hours?
That's good for me.

ahnonamis3602d ago

I fully agree. If I were still in high school, I'd want more. But with a job, family, and all sorts of odds and ends to take care of every day, 10 hours is the perfect length for any game.

Especially when I already know the multiplayer is going to last me way longer than that :)

lociefer3602d ago

even if it's 5 hours long ill still get it , with so much effort and work put into a game like this , it would be a crime not to support the team behind this marvelenss , they managed to make not only a fun game ( been in beta ) , but they have raised the graphics bar more than mgs4 ! , so seriously GG , just release the godamn game already!!!!!!

HighDefinition3602d ago

Is 2 1/2 times more than COD4s SP campaign.

Snow3602d ago

Yes,and it's still longer then Gears 1&2 combined.

HighDefinition3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )


It looks better than both combined too.

mugoldeneagle033602d ago

Especially with a minimum of 40 hours Per Week (Plus I work at a Stone Quarry), let alone other priorities...

10 Hours + Multiplayer + Socom Confrontation = My agenda post 3PM from Feb 27th On

Lifendz3602d ago

10 hours for a single player campaign is plenty! Can't wait to get my hands on this one. I pre-ordered from Gamestop (even though I hate that store) just to get the demo.

Kleptic3602d ago

when it comes to SP length for a shooter...I really don't care either way...everyone complains about CoD 4's and the first Gears length...but for me its more the intensity overall...

Apparently this game has a major ending Bettenhausen's last 1up yours podcast (pre holliday special I mean)...he stated some quick stuff about the last 4 levels of the game...of which are still under embargo...but he said it was unlike any other shooter, not so much in what you actually have to do...but how the narrative handles the final set pieces of the game...and brings story elements into the picture that no other title has done before in this genre...

whatever all that means...I hope that just means its a great SP overall...and as long as it has some really memorable stuff in it..i'm not concerned with length...i agree though...10 hours is a middle ground that i am more than happy with...

morganfell3602d ago

Especially considering this quote:

"Of course, the number could go up or down depending on factors such as difficulty, your skill level, and whether or not you want to collect all the trophies."

Most gamers will not play on the most difficult level (automatic time increase) and most gamers will not be after all trophies (automatic time increase).

pansenbaer3602d ago

I think this might be the first game in a while I will actually not look at the trophies before hand and just enjoy it for what it was made for. :)

thor3602d ago

It's about what they usually say - but they always exaggerate (at least I always spend less time than they say, and I play through on hard the first time). So I'll expect to take 8 hours finishing the campaign which is good enough for me. Unless it's brutally hard :S

evrfighter3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

what the hell? only 10 hours....Damn I knew their were cod4 elements but this one takes one takes the cake.

if the IGN video has the same level of AI as the final version....this could easily be cut down to 5

pixelsword3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

A harder difficulty means more initial playing time.

For me I'll play this game on hard off the bat like I did with Uncharted. The first time I played Uncharted, I got 15 hours out of it instead of the normal mode's lesser hours.

Then I'll go for the trophies in a harder mode if a harder mode unlocks.

Personally, I don't understand a person's reason of not playing a game on the hardest level when you first buy it. A rental I can, but not something you buy. You have all the time The Lord allows you to play the game.

SullyDrake3602d ago

With a full-featured online mode and multiple difficulties, a 10-hour head-rush campaign couldn't be better.

I personally will get much more out of the campaign that 10 hours, as I will be collecting all the Trophies.

Sarcasm3602d ago

10 Hours is perfectly fine.

Because Killzowning in Multiplayer is where it's going to be at!

Kaneda3602d ago

Even killzone just a cutscene.. I will still get it... *Just kidding*

prowiew3602d ago

Its about right. But when a developer says the length of the game, is always 2 to 4 hours less. So im expecting an 8 hour game. Which is fine by me.

vickers5003601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

"Personally, I don't understand a person's reason of not playing a game on the hardest level when you first buy it."

Personally, I don't understand how you cannot understand that people want to have fun, and don't want to be presented with a challenge that is only just barely possible. Some gamers have short fuses if they don't beat it the first 6 or 7 times, like me, and get waaayyyyy too pissed off to try it again. I mean if I'm just getting pissed off at the game and not having any fun, then why should I continue playing it? To brag to others that I beat it?

No thanks, I would rather have fun playing the game, although I don't want extremely dumbed down AI, I want just the right amount of challenge.

monkpunk13601d ago

Perfect.... i think thats perfect length. Anyway if i want a long game i can crack on with fallout!

SL1M DADDY3601d ago

Is that on the hardest level of difficulty or the easiest? I assume the hardest, which is what I play games through in most cases so I'm good with ten hours. Heck, it's longer than most games out now.


killzone 2 just dominates everything in every aspect.

Sitdown3601d ago

I think if they said that the game was only an hour long....a lot of you would say, "1 hour, that sounds perfect". You can not say 10 hours is perfect until you actually play the game....10 hours can be too long and it can also be too short. If this game is already declared such a masterpiece, why would you not want more than 10 hours? I want a game to be as long as it can be...and when I say that, I mean having the proper balance of keeping me engaged, without things becoming mundane or repetitive. So at this time, do not think anybody (except those who have played the full game), can say what is a good time for this game. I can not believed one person said that because of his work schedule 10 hours is fine........are you serious? When I played God of War 1, 2......I didn't care how long it was.......I just knew that because of my work schedule it might take a couple more days to complete them.

Tempist3601d ago

When a 7 hour video game was way too short. Even if it had replay value... and if a game was 14 hours (even with story elements interlaced throughout it) seemed way too long.

Where is this sweet spot then? this estimated 10 hours? And how many hours will be whittled away with multiplayer and co-op.

Danja3601d ago

Thats perfect for with almost limitless fun to be had with the multi-player

OmegaFool3601d ago

Blu-Ray looks like DVD

Gears 2 looks better than KillZone 2


BLuKhaos3601d ago

So you're saying that Wii Play>>>>Halo 3,Geow 2?

y0haN3601d ago

Maybe I just suck at Gears.. but Gears 1 took me and my brother 7 hours, and Gears 2 took me on/off around 8 hours :D.

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Killzonegamer833602d ago

For a game like this. I know im in the minority but i dont like long action games at all. Hell I even thought Resistance 2 is a bit long, im at the very end and almost wish it would hurry up and end because the multiplayer is so amazing. My main concern is if Killzone 2 will have amazing multiplayer and a good singleplayer that isnt too long.. 10 hours is perfect, infact better than other FPS on the market.. isnt COD4 and COD waw like 6 or 7 hours long?

BTW i hear the last boss takes VERY LONG time to beat, it says it in the review in the OPM and there is even a trophy you can get if you beat him in under 20 mins! Thats crazy! so that must mean the average time to beat the last boss might be 1hr! that should be epic

Kleptic3602d ago

CoD 4 can easily be beaten in 4.5 hours on the easiest difficulty...World at War I beat in 6 on the normal setting...although that involved about 45 minutes of the broken scripting when trying to get into the Reich Stag in the last level...the guy that blows up the pillar simply wasn't coming out...I would kill everyone and just be stuck on the stairs behind barbed wire not able to do anything...happened twice...for whatever reason, the third time it worked...

InMyOpinion3602d ago

Agreed. I think more than 10 hours would get tedious for most FPS games.

Blademask3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )


you're up to something.


Hours are subjective though as far as value goes imo. You can have something drag on for 40 hours and it be dog balls.

COD4 was phenomenal, I was shocked when it ended. But I didn't know how long it took, even today.

pansenbaer3602d ago

Ha. Every one of Jenzo's comments in the past few days has been suspiciously rational :)

pixelsword3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I've seen these symptoms before with a guy I used to talk to online at

Anyways, Resistance 2 was shorter than Resistance, but the first resistance had a little more meat to it in the story; which made it okay to be long.

Killzone 2 will probably be just as good in it's story as the first story, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

InMyOpinion3601d ago

I probably won't be getting a PS3 anytime soon though. =)

karlostomy3601d ago

I'd rush out and buy a $199 ps3 bundled with the adequate 10 hour KZ2!


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THC CELL3602d ago

they have focus more on Mp i think

PoSTedUP3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

yea but i think with the level of detail and all the work they put into dynamics and realism, plus the MP, you only can do so much with your budget.

next month!

THC CELL3602d ago

and the best 10 hours ever

RememberThe3573602d ago

But we can only wait and hope...

OH SH*T! I forgot the demo code at GameStop... I should go pick that up.