TVG: Tom Clancy's HAWX - Hands On Preview

TVG gets called to the hangar one last time before Tom Clancy's HAWX prepares for takeoff early in the year...

The last time we came across HAWX was at Ubidays '08 where our first impressions were lukewarm - sure, it was a functional arcade jet fighter game, but it didn't seem to do much that Ace Combat 6 hadn't already achieved. The problem for Ubisoft is that Ace Combat 6 is so immediately comparable to HAWX. They are practically the only two games of their kind on what can now safely be considered the current generation of consoles, while their subject matter and the way it's delivered is incredibly similar. With the obvious exception that Ubisoft has applied a couple of layers of Tom Clancy glaze over HAWX, either game could very easily be mistaken for a direct spin-off of the other.

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