TVG: Tom Clancy's HAWX - Q&A Feature

TVG writes: "'Talk to me, Goose,' were going to be our first words to Thomas Simon, Ubisoft Bucharest's Lead Game Designer on HAWX. However, fearing that he may have heard thousands of Top Gun references from geeky game journalists since he started work on the first Tom Clancy game to take to the skies, we eased off the 80s cheese and eased on the TVG charm.

TVG: A couple of the levels we played during today's hands-on threw a lot of variation into the mix in terms of mission objectives, such as defending Air Force One or avoiding the radius of surface-to-air missile launchers on a bombing run. Does this variation continue as the story progresses and can you give us a couple of standout examples?

A: We worked hard on the level design to bring this sort of variety. For example, there are missions where you have to provide very strong and close air support. You will see troops on the ground progressing and you have to suppress the enemy defences ahead so that they can progress. Yeah, there's quite a lot of variation. In the end, level design is really what makes the game and you can have a great idea, but in the end it comes down to gameplay, so we've been making a lot of effort with that."

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