GameZone: Safecracker Review

GameZone writes: "Safecracker is a puzzle adventure game that was released two years ago. It was a modest game at a modest price, and was fun enough for the type of game it was. Now, it has been released for the Wii. Normally, I would not think porting an adventure game to a console would be a good idea because of the difference in the controls and interface, but this port works surprisingly well. About the only negative difference between the PC and Wii versions is the longer transition times between scenes.

The game itself is exactly the same as the PC version. Therefore, the following is the original review for the PC version, ending with comments pertaining to the Wii version:

If you're looking for adventure, funny quips or hair-raising tension, this isn't the right place. What are here are puzzles galore, pure and simple. This game isn't even trying to disguise its main function with any story elements inside the main game (aside from a few diary pages and other letters scattered around), after the obligatory storyline setup at the beginning of the game. Nope, this game is solely about solving all types of puzzles."

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