First footage of Home's EA Sports Complex

EA has released the first footage of EA Sports Complex, coming to PlayStation Home this spring.

Check it out through the jump.

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Snow3599d ago

That looks amazing! Easily the best third party space so far.
I wonder when that will be released?

hitthegspot3599d ago

will all the athletes wear Mickey Ears?

ThanatosDMC3599d ago

What can NXE avatars do???

marinelife93599d ago

About time they started putting card games in Home. They need to allow you to be able to purchase a deck of cards so you can play card games in your homespace etc.

Doppy3599d ago

Again I have said this from the beginning. I want Spades, Poker, even go fish in Home. Card games are always popular. Most of the time Yahoo's Spade rooms are so packed its hard to get in a room let alone a game. Bring card table to the mix. And if you can bring Uno and Pahse 10 they are the best.

If you haven't played Pahse 10 you need to go buy a deck now you will be up for hours 1. because it's that fun, and 2. because it usually takes 1 - 2 hours for a person to win with 5 people playing.

Wolfie3599d ago

*woot* poker xD Awesome! I can't wait

ottoenie3599d ago

wow, that looks really sweet!

Bren863599d ago

finally, something good for home

FarEastOrient3599d ago

I guess you haven't done the Red Bull Racing yet!?! I have four Namco Arcade Machines in my apartment wanna play them to keep yourself entertained?

Too bad my Avatar can't go flying, racing,.playing cards etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.