Is Microsoft Punishing "Used Game" Customers?

Microsoft recently released the Gears of War 2 'Flashback' map pack for purchase on the Xbox 360 Marketplace. A voucher for the map pack is including in the Gears of War 2's case when the game is purchased new. It seems now that Microsoft is trying to make sure that they get their share of these extra earnings. This single deterrent may not hurt the sales of used titles but it could start a trend that may eventually affect your ability to find that not so new game for a truly cheaper price.

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JaggedSac3600d ago

Just rewarding those who buy new.

jack who3600d ago

how is this Punishing "Used Game" Customers?

outlawlife3600d ago

it isn't microsoft, the whole bonus for buying new has been long been a plan for Epic

they are implementing a system to entice users to buy new over used because they make nothing from used games

it really has very little to do with microsoft, it is more the developer than anyone because they stand to lose more as a result of the used market

rroded3600d ago

tho the trend could get worst if other devs jump in I mean imagine not being able to update ur games cause the codes been used or whatever...

dgroundwater3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I'm sure you're right, but MS won't lose sleep over it either.