VISA Won't Replace Dusty PS3 After All

Ben Popken writes, "Remember that guy with the PS3 Sony said was too dusty to repair? The saga continues.

There was a big flareup for a while, and then it looked like VISA was going to replace it. That was a year ago. Reid just IM'd me to say VISA has so far denied his claim because he paid for a small part of it with Paypal and he can't get any repair center to put it in writing that the unit is definitely unrepairable. His next step is to try to escalate it up within VISA and see if he can appeal the denial. Reid says, 'It just makes me so mad that the [recent] price drop (400$-600$) covers the price of the repair they wanted to charge me for.'"

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Xbox Street Gang3331d ago

No wonder Sony didn't want to repair it, probably thought it was anthrax...

HDgamer3331d ago

That kid was an actor who was on the Bernie Mac Show. How credible is he anyway.

RememberThe3573331d ago

But look at that thing. How did it get that dirty to begin with?

INehalemEXI3331d ago

+ bubble , that was 2funny.

Lifendz3331d ago

for letting ANY get that dusty. Gross.

MNicholas3331d ago

Any company's standard warranty only covers manufacturing defects. It's ridiculous that people expect anything more. No electronic product warranty covers abuse.

There's a reason that Best Buy and similar stores sell extended service plans. Those service plans do cover dust, humidity, power surges, etc... Those additional price plans can even cover accidental damage like dropping a digital camera, etc...

Lord Anubis3331d ago

poor PS3 was neglected. THe guy at fault should pay some sort of child support for abusing his PS3. Please people think of all the PS3s in the world :(.......


[runs away]

DRUDOG3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Wasn't this the dude whose story changed like three times? First he had the receipt, then it was a gift and he didn't have the receipt, and now they say he paid part of it with PayPal. WTF? This story always sounded fishy and Visa not paying for it just further proves that this guy is full of sh!t...

The Lazy One3331d ago

not true. Most cover any defects that arise through standard use. Dust isn't exactly what I'd call "abuse".

I don't think he should have let it get that dirty, but it's worth it to replace/refurbish the system just to avoid the negative press.

phosphor1123331d ago

My Atari's (2600 and Jaguar) don't have as much dust on them. Looks like he stuck it in a shopvac and cleaned his room while doing so.

Raz3331d ago

Where the heck was this guy playing it? On a construction job site? Maybe plugged it into a generator and got some killz in on Resistance 2 in between fitting slabs of drywall and sanding the ceiling? Used it to prop up a few stacks of fiberglass, perhaps?

Warranties don't cover user negligence or willful stupidity. Might as well toss it in the ocean and complain about water damage. I'm surprised Visa considered refunding this guy's money at all.

robep33331d ago

If his PS3 looks like that WHAT the hell does his house look like!


SL1M DADDY3331d ago

A venture to get a free PS3 after neglecting to care properly for the first one... In other words, it all sounds silly. Heck, in a years time I could have been able to save up for another one if it meant that much to me.

andron6663330d ago

You have to wonder why on earth he is still trying. Makes him seem like a cheap ass who wrecks his console and won't take any responsibility for it.

If it looks that dirty on the outside it's no wonder it won't work. It's probably so packed with dust inside it's a miracle it hasn't catch fire...

The Killer3330d ago

there is some people behind this case and most probably either MS or a pro MS company or people?

if i was sony, i would interrogate with him on how he got it thats dusty and why after the system getting damaged so much he still want to play with it??

since MS are dirty company i suspect its them behind this man!! its an old trick, if i was in MS possession and i was as dirty as them i would do the same if not worst!

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Forbidden_Darkness3331d ago

If someone manages to treat a system like that, they dont deserve to get it repaired

3331d ago
thebudgetgamer3331d ago

you mean the same company that sells deffective products. they will give you a new i will give them credit for that. but how many times did people end up getting broken ones right out of the box.
besides its not like they sat around thinking we should do this for our consumers, they did it cause they got caught selling a product they knew was likely to break. Microsoft stands up for consumer rights. ha lol


FantasyStar3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

How could anyone disagree with Capital G? Funniest **** I've read all week!

ppl so serius dees days.

vudu3331d ago

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! ow my stomach. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sonyfanclubpresident3331d ago

if that was a joke........good one,
if you're being for real,
kiss your bubbles and agrees goodbye.
This here is Sonyland(N4G)understand partner.

Best watch your step!

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andron6663331d ago

But it's a good reminder to us all: Don't operate or store your PS3 in a compost heap. Easy mistake to make...

Helghast Slayer3331d ago

Wow anybody that leaves their ps3 or any sort of appliance that dusty is a lazy f#ck. I wouldn't want to touch that scum infested thing.

Helghast Slayer3331d ago

Thank god this guy doesn't own a food shop/restaurant. The food authorities would be up his a$$ with the amount of complaints he'd receive.

nycredude3330d ago

If you are trying to get a system repaired, whether due to legit reasons or not, at least clean it off before trying. Look at that shiat! What an idiot!

Nathan Drake3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

How in the world does your electronic device get that dusty?

UltimateIdiot9113331d ago

If his PS3 has that much dust, I'm a bit concern about his lungs. He can't be living in a safe environment.

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