Amnesty Group Slams Wii Game "Gaza Under Fire"

The human rights advocacy group Amnesty International is urging the United Nations Security Council to take decisive action in the wake of the release of a new video game about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Gaza Under Fire by VG Sports is currently only available for Wii, but versions for Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo DS are expected soon.

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Monteblanco3631d ago

Sorry, but this looks like a fake. Not only Nintendo would deny a license to such game but the box art, if not a mockup, also looks like a fake.

The best scenario is someone try to push the concept to relay a political message.

Caxtus7503631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )


It has to be fake...


EDIT: The website is a spoof website. Think a poor mans "The Onion".

Why the hell are users approving this stuff?

kunit22c3630d ago

This HAS to be fake i cant even find any info on this game anywere else but yet some random guy has already played it?? and thats a hhorrible idea, put your mii in a first person shooter? lame.