CES: Stringer, Hirai Talk 61.3 Million Userbase, Tease 3D Gaming

Together, the PlayStation 3 and PSP have an install base of 61.3 million, said Sony chairman and CEO Howard Stringer at the company's CES presentation today.

According to a liveblog of the event by consumer site GameSpot, SCEA president Kaz Hirai joined Stringer on the stage to explain how the company's presented philosophy of networked experiences and multiple-function devices carried over to the company's gaming business.

Hirai said that 330 million pieces of content have been downloaded to date on the PlayStation Network, which has seen the creation of 17 million accounts. Just a few weeks ago on December 12, Sony pegged the number of PSN accounts at 15 million, suggesting an increase of 2 million accounts in less than a month.

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morganfell3625d ago

If anything this should demonstrate how very rapidly the PlayStation user base is growing.

Nineball21123625d ago

An increase of 2 million accounts in less than a month is pretty darn good.

To any objective person, Sony is doing fine and I believe this year is going to be the best yet.

morganfell3625d ago

If they start to push a decent marketing campaign for Killzone 2 I think we will see some serious momentum coming in to 2009.

ultimolu3625d ago

I agree morgan. Sony, I expect advertisements ya hear?!

Chuck Norris3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Does it include secondary accounts?

interrergator3625d ago

dont worry theyre releasing the guns this year im sure that killzone 2 should be advertise very very soon

caffman3625d ago

1 uk, 1 usa, 1 japanese. So if that is repeated quite a few times then thats not that impressive

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panasonic233625d ago

damn i wonder what the usber base is for nintendo

Rockstar3625d ago

Take the worlds population and multiply by 2

Torch3625d ago

LMAO at your comment.


3625d ago
Raoh3625d ago

this may include marketing of the playstation 3 and its video service on mtv more often as well. so marketing potential is there.

Xbox Street Gang3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

I think 3D gaming could be a huge boom in the casual direction for Sony. Just the sort of innovation to grab the wii's audience and something unique to the PS3.

Graphics Whore3625d ago

I definitely agree, ushering 3-D gaming is something I'm interested in.