EA Announces EA Sports Complex for PlayStation Home

Chris Morell writes: "From the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas comes big news for PlayStation Home. EA officially announced its plans to launch the EA Sports Complex in the Home Beta this spring, the first Home space from EA."

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duarteq3628d ago

All the Major company's are turning back to their well loved home. Sony. It's a Fact, After all they say it's where the money is...

kapedkrusader3628d ago

...this adds a whole new level of interactivity to Madden and other sports games that won't be found in other consoles. HOME might be more of a threat than MS fanboys think.

Killzonegamer833628d ago

Peter Moore says hes excited about Home and cant wait to launch the EA home space, Peter Moore use to be a huge MS guy over the 360 a year ago, so thats pretty big coming from him. Peter Moor left MS at the right time becasue the future is the PS3

Killzonegamer833628d ago

Your darn right its more a threat to MS, I own a 360 and i use to buy all my multiplats for the 360.. That stopped ever since the PS3 got trophies, now i buy all my 3rd party games for the PS3 and if 3rd party games start having more Home support that will be huge.

You do know that capcom already said with RE5 they will have a Home space, Home cloting and once you beat the game you can unlock a Chris Redfeld avatar to use in home, that will be great

kapedkrusader3628d ago

...I don't own a 360, thanks for the insight.

pwnsause3628d ago

if theres going to be an EA sports Homespace, then i guess that theres going to be some sort of ESPN integration into the Homespace, right?

Helghast Slayer3628d ago

Man this is bananas. That vid made me so excited. You can practically play real-time poker with people in Home and go-carting. EA in the last 6 months have indeed proved worthy of my support. Dead Space was amazing and can't wait for a sequel.

Sony was right when they said Home will move console but now it looks like it could move third party software titles. Imaging when most third party devs start having Home spaces and integrating new and free items in their Home space, this alone will persuade a lot of gamers to purchase mulitiplats on the ps3 for the added bonuses, not to forget that trophies will be another factor.

Microsoft really seems out of ideas big time. Anyone who still believes Sony are not innovative is an absolute twit. The ps3 has proved it's future proof and will continue to grow. After only 2.5 to 3 years in the console market the ps3 has managed to do so much. Microsoft should be really worried.

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