CES 2009: Dark Void Demo

Gamespot writes, "Producer Morgan Gray walks us through the core gameplay concepts found in Capcom's Dark Void."

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Cajun Chicken3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )


This looks incredible, even more than I was anticipating.
Second multiplat for my PS3 this year for sure.

InMyOpinion3507d ago

I just hope they balance the weapons properly. The machine gun he uses in the beginning of the demo seems useless. I love that he mentioned Crimson Skies, one of my personal favourites for the original Xbox.

Cajun Chicken3507d ago

You can see why they're all saying its a 'spiritual connection', but yeah, the gun, also did it ever run out of ammo?
Thats going to be a bit of a dodgy game mechanic, hope thats all sorted out.