Toshiba to offer HDTV based on PS3 Cell CPU

Toshiba Corp. on Wed. said that it will offer a television set that will employ Sony Corp.'s Cell CPU currently used in the Playstation 3 game console...

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Chris3993421d ago

Here on the intranets, fan-boys fight for some vapid sense of console supremacy while the corporations make money hand over fist.

I've said it for a while now, it's ALL ABOUT THE GAMES. Brand loyalty be damned.

These companies don't care about us, so why get so emotionally involved with... a brand? Two cats and a gf take up most of my free time, I don't need another significant other.

Oh, and the 48 picture-in-picture feature on the t.v. sounds promising. Glad to see the Cell getting to flex it's muscle a bit.

- C