Seen @ CES 2009: Robbie Back can't start his Xbox 360 controller

Joystiq reports: "We thought Robbie Bach did a pretty good job with his portion of the CES Microsoft keynote, with the notable exception of his inability to activate his 360 controller. Maybe it was the nerves, but we could tell from the audience that he just wasn't pushing the Guide button long enough."

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Daz3482d ago

omg an artical for this how sad :P

hitthegspot3482d ago

Where he is beaten physically by a little girl.

Kinetix3482d ago

Yes. An article for this. You know you're way up the ladder when you don't know how the eff you use your products.

Helghast Slayer3482d ago

Wow i think MS employees are probably baboons undercover. How the hell do you not know how to operate you own product lol *oh my ribs*. Now i know why the 360 has hardware issues.