Games on Net Review: Kirby Super Star Ultra

Matt Keller writes: "The cutesy fat pink blob Kirby has long been one of Nintendo's reliable franchise characters. While not quite as popular as Mario, Link or Samus in the West, the Japanese love him. The most recent Kirby release, Kirby Super Star Ultra, is a remake of the game we knew as Kirby's Fun Pak (or Kirby Super Star for our American readers, hence the name), a very late release on the Super Nintendo that hit shelves in 1996. Nintendo figures that not many people got to play the original game, so they're going to give us another opportunity to do so.

Kirby's Fun Pak was a collection of different games which incorporated various elements into the standard Kirby platforming structure. There were also a few mini-games that were extensions of mini-games from other Kirby efforts. Kirby Super Star Ultra features these games along with four new platforming games, three new mini-games, redrawn graphics and a few 3D animated sequences."

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