'Conduit' Developer Dispels Myths About Wii Hardcore Gaming

The makers of "The Conduit" believe that a viable hardcore Wii market exists. And even though they claim it's "a gamer's game," they think their first-person shooter will hook the casual crowd, too.

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Xander-RKoS3357d ago

Of course, but with Nintendo leading the hardcore charge in 2007 with Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, etc. and 2008 showing that the Wii is not slowing down, it takes brave developers like HVS to continue the charge, that and Sega wanting to make the Wii the hardcore console they know it can be (since they are publishing The Conduit, Madworld, a hopefully better Sonic game than unleashed, and House of the Dead). Fortunately they weren't the first developers to realize this which is why we're getting plenty of exclusive titles such as Tenchu, Fatal Frame, Monster Hunter, etc.

BrotherNick3357d ago

It should because the controls seem really easy, pointing to shoot, one analog to move, flick nunchuk to reload, A button to change weapons.

SinnedNogara3357d ago

I don't like the nunchuk to reload control. Here is my controls:

Up on D-pad: Zoom In
Left and right on d-pad: Switch weapons
Down on D-pad: Crouch
A Button: Jump, Sprint, Collect weapons
B Button: Fire (duh)
Plus: Reload
Minus: WiiSpeak (multiplayer)
1 Button: ASE Device
2 Button: Flashlight?? (Free Space)
C Button: Change grenade types??
Z Button: Reload
Flick nunchuk: grenade

TheColbertinator3357d ago

The online will be a huge factor.The Wii needs The Conduit to be successful so that other 3rd party developers pay attention.

BrotherNick3357d ago

MK does a good job, but we need a faster way to put in codes. Like emailing codes straight into other people's save files, so we don't have to add it in if we already have their wii code. Once is enough :P

Chris843357d ago

I hope friend codes won't be necessary.

Voiceofreason3357d ago

“Initially, we think it was because publishers and developers didn’t really consider the Wii to be a ‘next-gen’ platform."
And that some how means Wii isnt next gen at all.... Fanboys and their ignorance...Topic should be deleted and reposted with the correct responses not what the fanboy posting it wants to lead others into thinking was said.

TheMART3357d ago

The Wii isn't next gen for real. It has the same kind of processors as the gamecube, just on steroïds. The only thing added is the Wiimote, and in 99% of all games its implemented like 4 weeks old poo.

Voiceofreason3357d ago

LMAO... You send me a message claiming to own a Wii and then you prove yet again you know nothing about it.... Wii is twice as powerful as GC was. Also it has BLuetooth, Wifi and free online. things the GC never had. But you would have to really own one to know that. Not just claim you bought one a few days ago and played and beat every single game worth owning in that time and now only use it for a hack that was taken out months ago..
How big of a moron can someone be to spend 250.00 on a Wii to play nes games when they are free all over the net?
Clearly you are young and stupid and just dont have the ability to think this out properly. Its so easy to find out info on the Wii that you have to be an extremely big retard to be getting so many things wrong about it.

addnewman3357d ago

initially A would be better to zoom in or look down the sight of your gun but it could be used as to change gun if thats what the gamer prefers and i agree with everything else you said there should be alot more fps' like this it just makes sence with the wii remote

BrotherNick3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Well looking down the sight wasn't an option for the first fps games anyways. I'm talking about controls for Casual Gamers. The game seems very easy with the controls I made up. I think that I'd be able to use more buttons myself.

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