Attention Doomsayers: PS3 Is Not Dying

Michael Bunning of Gamer 2.0's SmashPad blog writes:

"Well, the truth is, Sony isn't losing so absolutely. For a start, Sony is denying that there's going to be any more major restructuring. Of course, Free Radical was insisting that everything was hunky-dory days before it went under, so you can't believe every press release you read. But even discounting Sony's denials, there's plenty of good news for SCE, if you go looking for it. The Christmas sales figures, for a start. Sony's console sales were up 130% over Christmas, and 40% for the calendar year. Couple that with SCEE's president David Reeves's comment that the PS3 is on-target to make a profit in 2009, and things aren't looking too bad."

UPDATE: This is not a duplicate story. It appears to be a response to another story that has appeared on N4G, but is a completely new story.

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hitthegspot3509d ago

They are going to stay right where they are from a business standpoint. People, like myself that don't have a PS3, are just waiting for the after Christmas sale or maybe the Presidents Day Sale. I just hope Sony adds backwards compatibility back into the PS3 before the sale. A great move would be to discount the existing PS3s, Drop the PS2 line, and come out with a new PS3 SKU that has the backwards compatibility built in. Sony also needs more advertising in the US. I haven't seen a single commercial since last year where they were pushing LBP.

CrashSpyro1233509d ago

Unfortunately, I doubt we'll see a backwards compatible ps3 again. They're still trying to reach profitability and at this point, it's not a major selling point in all honesty. If the 360 had full-blown backwards compatibility then Sony would be forced to compete with that functionality but they don't. I don't really play many PS2 or original Xbox games anymore anyway and I doubt many people do once they get their new consoles.

I could be wrong, but that's what I usually see.

Bill3509d ago

Sony's Playstation 3 offers the best next gen experience. With what they have upcoming this year and their current games library, it has a great year ahead. Their advertising has picked up as well. We are seeing tv ads double from what they were doing previously. Gang Green seems to think the "war" is over but with only about 93 million total next gen systems out there, and with PS2's still selling, I think there are still a lot of potential next gen buyers who have yet to pick up their next system.

chasuk083509d ago

If backwards compatibility is software based (except the American 20 and 60gb) i dont see how removing it is a cost cutting measure. Someone please explain...

hitthegspot3509d ago


Have you seen what the old units are going for on e-bay? You can not just blindly say that people don't want it.

Parapraxis3509d ago

CrashSpyro123, I expect BC to return via software emulation on every SKU of PS3.
It can be done, it will be done.

Kushan3509d ago

The backwards compatibility was never entirely Software based.

The ORIGINAL Japan/US launch units had more or less the guts of a PS2 inside them, they had both an emotion engine (The CPU of the PS2) and whatever the PS2's GPU was (I forget the name). That's why it had a 99.9% compatibility rate (And also why it didn't offer any kind of fancy upscaling or anything).

By the time the PS3 launched in the EU, Sony removed the emotion engine and instead only had the PS2's GPU inside the 60Gb units. This meant backwards-compatibility was done via both hardware AND software emulation, hardware for the GPU, software emulation for the EE. This is why those EU 60GB units (and later, NTSC 80Gb units) still had backwards compatibility, but fewer games actually worked (I think it was quite a lot less, too, like 60-80% or something, but I am not positive).
The 40GB and CURRENT 80GB units do not have the GPU chip inside them, this is why they're not compatible with PS2 games at all, but there's no doubt that Sony is working on software emulation for it, the PS2 is still their big money-maker and there's plenty of scope for selling PS2 games on the PSN.

Graphics Whore3509d ago

Sony has said time and time again that they're looking into PS2 emulation software so drop this crap already.

SnuggleBandit3509d ago

Its nice to have the BC but in all honesty i have only used it one time and that was to revisit GTA:SA. And that experience didn't last too long...

JsonHenry3509d ago

While I certainly think that the 360 and the Wii have sold more units and will likely finish ahead this generation - the PS3 WILL sell enough units to stay afloat and in the end come ahead. Just not as quickly and easily as the PS2 did.

And I think that Sony has learned its lesson this time around and will be a force to be reckoned with next generation.

INehalemEXI3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

When Sony and MS do what ninty does , by bundling a game with every sku. That is IMO when they will learn there lesson.

Ninty needs to learn there lesson and include an HDD in Wii HD.

Its better to have them all in slightly different price ranges at launch otherwise there would be less hardware diversity and to much simalarity in the consoles.

They should just rotate price ranges generation to generation so that no 1 company has to bear the burden of launching with a high price tag consecutive gens in a row. To ensure all 3 company's remain healthy.

Its just like when you select a difficulty setting before playing a game.

Sony chose Hard

MS Medium

Ninty Easy

All 3 company's are doing well considering the paths they chose.

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AnthonyPerez3509d ago

A very good look at the current situation with the PS3 and the ridiculousness of proclamations that the system will "die" or is on the brink of dying. Plus, even if Sony did cut back staff and so forth, is that really surprising? It'd be shocking to see any company not cut back resources in today's economy.

@hitthegspot: Actually there are LBP commercials and I've seen them often. The only thing is they aren't very good. If I didn't know what LBP was, I would would still have no idea what it was after watching it.

hitthegspot3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

I haven't seen one, and I have 2 boys 7 & 9. Back in Nov/Dec they were coming up to me regularly asking to get LBP for the 360. we haven't seen any new commercials here in Boston since the new year.

Maybe the reason why the kids haven't seen the commercial is because you are watching the Porn channel. What's with the end of the commercial "Sexdrive This friday". LOL

AnthonyPerez3509d ago

Dude, I have no idea, I found that on Youtube. I get a sense of fanboys trying to bury this with reports? Why can't we just have a convo about this? Oh well.

JayTee09023509d ago

What's with the attacks on this post in the reports section? The story has statistical backing and is merited. @SeanScythe in the reports: I've seen this site on Kotaku a few times actually.

Anyway, I gotta admit, I though the PS3's situation was more perilous than it actually is.

From the article:

"While it’s true that the PS3 is installed in less homes than the Wii or the Xbox 360, if you look at global year-on-year sales, the PS3 wasn’t too far behind the 360 in 2008. Microsoft sold just over 11 million consoles, and Sony sold 10,347,225 PlayStation 3’s. "

Of course it seems there are vgchartz, I haven't noticed vgchartz being THAT off in the past so it could be a good indicator.

Anon19743509d ago

They're just like anyone else. They have their samples and they use statistical trickainery to extrapolate the rest of the data, just like NPD does. The only one who really knows how many consoles are out there are the companies themselves. But still, VGchartz seems to be good enough for the BBC, Forbes, Fortune, New York Times, New York Post, etc...etc. Obviously if there wasn't some truth to their numbers, publications like these wouldn't be quoting them.

Nathan Drake3509d ago

It's only uneducated Teenagers that would make a claim such as "Ps3 is dead"

blueleopard3509d ago

The very notion that the PS3 is dying is kind of dumb by pure common sense. Sony as a company has a lot of good things going for it. The PS3 is still competitive and sales have almost been even with the 360 as the article points out. Blu-ray is going to cause them to bank, and if they can get people to believe their HDTV's go perfectly with Blu-ray because they're both Sony tech's, then that could help their overall company health.

They'll be fine.

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