VidZone set for release on PSN June 4th

According to a PSN release schedule obtained by, the online music video service, operated by London-based company VidZone Digital Media will be available to download from PSN on 4th June.

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Cajun Chicken3476d ago

I was looking this up last night on my laptop, ain't too bad a service, welcome to my PS3 anytime.

FreestyleBarnacle3476d ago

Wow, videogaming247 do like to pad out their info. There are more articles on this one release schedule than SCEE disappointments in the history of Playstation.

Cajun Chicken3476d ago


SCEE personally never let me down before the whole PS3 PSN Store thing, well and game releases, but game releases are the norm, we're always last, without the exception of Killzone 2.

uie4rhig3476d ago

i'd rather have this service over that one: http://listen.grooveshark.c...

so many more songs .. i searched for eminem's songs, not even one on vidzone, grooveshark has got like ALOT!!

Karum3476d ago

If this can be run while playing games that will be really really sweet

morriss3476d ago

David Reeves says in the article that it can.

Cajun Chicken3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

"David Reeves says in the article that it can."

That's right, David Reeves said that, so I wouldn't assume that for certain.

No offense, but that guy, David, has a certain flair for being misinformed.

Fishy Fingers3476d ago

Here's the quote:
“Because you can listen to it – you don’t have to see the music video – and play your game at the same time. And that to them was very important.”

Cajun Chicken3476d ago

Hmm, we shall see. But a lot of the time, I don't like the stuff that comes out of David Reeve's mouth.

I don't exactly trust him word for word.

Oh well, hope this is right, could be really cool and I hope it plays over the Internet Browser too.

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Lumbo3476d ago

Wasn't it supposed to ship in spring 09?

Fishy Fingers3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Original slated for early 2009 I think. So June is earlier than I'd expect from SCEE ;)

guiltyspark3476d ago

This basically give MS time to buy out certian companies support for their video service.

Fishy Fingers3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

EU, Oz and New Zealand. Vidzone only has rights for those areas I believe. Here's the site, if it works on your PC it might work on a EU PSN account.

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