ZTGD Review: Meteos Wars

ZeroTolerance writes: "The amount of block puzzle games currently on the market is astounding. The sheer amount of them available on Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade service alone is enough to cause confusion. The point is that it takes something special for one to stand alone amongst the crowd. Developer Q Entertainment has been able to achieve this thanks to their quirky style which is present in their other titles such as Lumines and Rez HD. Meteos Wars is a re-imagining of the game of the same name that was released on the Nintendo DS back in 2005, with some obvious touch elements omitted. While the idea translates well enough to make this another solid entry to the XBLA family, fans of the original will immediately notice how much different the game is from its handheld counterpart."

+ Wonderful visual style
+ Nice change of pace
+ Quick and addictive
- Online tends to lag a bit
- Controls suffer without touch screen

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