COD5 Boredom: Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 gamers, are you bored?

The need to keep ranking up is what keeps the game interesting and take that away by reaching the highest rank or not wanting to rank up anymore makes the game very boring and less appealing to us. Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 gamers, has this happened to you?

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Mainman3177d ago

This happened to me on COD4. I got the highest level 54 or something (without going for prestige) and then never played it again. Gave the game away little while after. Didnt bother buying COD5.

kapedkrusader3177d ago happened with COD4 for me too. It made no sense to turn all my guns in an start over again. To me it seemed like the guys that had done it 5-10 times we're losers. No offense.

Cwalat3177d ago

Answer to title:

yeah i'm bored. next time, don't skip a chanse of making modern warfare version...

Graphics Whore3177d ago

I got to 8th prestige, I loved the game, still do there's nothing on the market like it. COD4 that is.