Play Review: Savage Moon

Play-mag writes: "
PixelJunk Monsters, standing tall at 94% in our Playlist, is the highest-rated of any PSN title to date. Re-imagining the tower defence desktop time-waster into a userfriendly, quirky and somewhat creepy strategy title, Q Games created a classic that became an office phenomenon, for us. People were staying after work to play it; tower lingo became a natural part of everyday conversation. It was an unparalleled feat of simple genius, reworking an existing template into a two-player gem.

Still, imagine being well into development of a similar title when that turns up on the Store – there's definitely going to be a sinking feeling around the office. Savage Moon is a game with undeniable similarities to PixelJunk Monsters. You're building towers to thwart waves of evil creatures, balancing finances and catering to enemies with different abilities. The differences, however, are significant enough, in our minds, to justify owning Savage Moon alongside the fabled PixelJunk title."

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