Play Review - Silent Hill: Homecoming

Play-mag writes: "Sometimes, videogame development seems to take place in a vacuum, free from the influences of a medium that's growing, like any other, with each passing month. Many classic series continue to dig their proverbial feet into the mud, so convinced that the limitations of former systems their games still exhibit are in fact part of an old-world charm that no longer exists. The slow and painful death of Sonic The Hedgehog is one of many pieces of evidence. Konami, however, looks set to join old blue spikes in the dustbin, thanks to similar clichéd concerns. Fog? Check. Radio static? It's a walkie-talkie this time out, but check. Nobody giving a direct answer to even the simplest question? That's a big check. Crucially, though, the type of well-trodden storytelling mechanics on offer leads us to conclude that you could quite easily declare this game's genre to be 'Silent Hill', and have done with it. In the crudest possible sense everything is just a little too familiar, and in pretty desperate need of a shake-up."

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