CES 2009: Sony conference--LIVE

Typically, keynote addresses at the Consumer Electronics Show are either celebratory or boastful. Chances are, the Sony keynote will be a bit of both. First, it's being delivered by Sir Howard Stringer, the first Western-born CEO of Sony and arguably its most affable. Secondly, it comes as Sony is heavily touting its PlayStation 3 console, which saw sales increase 40 percent in 2008, and 130 percent during the last 10 weeks of the year.

However, with reports of a "sweeping" restructuring imminent at Sony, it's hard to remember the last time a cloud hung so heavily over a CES keynote. (The closest thing was Toshiba's non-keynote HD-DVD presentation last year, which was canceled when the sudden withdrawal of movie-studio support doomed the format.) What has gamers particularly worried is a British report earlier this week which claimed "sacred cow-killing" changes could be afoot at the Tokyo-based company. To many, the most divine bovine in the electronics giant's barn is Sony Computer Entertainment. Despite growing revenues and a return to profitability, the division has yet to recoup the billions it spent researching and developing the PS3 and PSP, both of which lag far behind their rivals in terms of overall sales.

Live blog in progress. New posts will stream in automatically.

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Cajun Chicken3505d ago

Is there a video stream of this anywhere?

Nineball21123505d ago

I don't know, but the blogging from Game Spot is "Live". It's being updated every minute or so.

morganfell3505d ago

Find a different source than Gamespot. The guy blogging is spewing nothing but vitriol and hate for Sony.

Pennywise3505d ago

Yeah this guy is pretty pathetic.

Cajun Chicken3505d ago

Tell me when you find a better source.

morganfell3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

Though Engadget obviously doesn't care for Sony either.

sunnygrg3505d ago

Must be pp or POG blogging.. assuming from all the hate he is spewing.

Blademask3505d ago

03:23: Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Clark’s describing how Xbox Live is growing rapidly: 3m more members added in 2008. And Halo is very successful. Yeeeesss……

03:24: Surprise! Halo Wars and Halo 3 ODST announced. ODST is out in the Autumn, new levels and characters etc. But we already knew that.

03:37: There’s a young girl on stage showing how easy it is to develop games on Xbox Live. She certainly knows her stuff, she’s editing this level at supersonic speeds. LittleBig Planet, eat your rag doll heart out.

Marceles3505d ago

supersonic speed...*facepalm*, he makes it sound like they grabbed a newborn baby and put a controller next to it and it started editing levels

Darkseider3505d ago

No matter how much the guy blogging was trying to thrown in his sarcasm and play down the Sony conference he failed. Sony had an absolutely stunning keynote regardless of what anyone says. Excellent presentations, backing of big industry icons, star power, excellent news for current and future products and some eye candy for the audience in attendance as well. All in all an excellent conference.

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Nineball21123505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

really seems jaded! Just look at the "comments" that he is posting. o_O

Cajun Chicken3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

What on Earth is Tom Hanks on?

"No, Howard, don't cast me into that Samsung hellhole! I don't want to live by Sanyo's rules! Save me, you're a knight for God's sake!"

Reading this made me laugh so suddenly I spilt my tea I was drinking.

Nineball21123505d ago

Yeah... his improv seems a bit weird. I think he's just trying to be funny and it isn't coming across too well on a blog.

solidjun53505d ago

sounds like First Knight.

Nineball21123505d ago

"In the spring, several high-end Bravia models will be able to link to the Internet directly and download films."

Wow... that would be a very cool feature for people who don't want anything more than a T.V. but would like to access the internet from the T.V.

Cajun Chicken3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

"A new Sony alarm clock will be a touch-screen video screen, which can wake you up with music videos via services like Pandora.
It also can display news you want to wake up to, local weather, and even clips from the previous night's sports games.
The clock will be open-platform, allowing developers to create their own apps."

I want that alarm clock.

DeZimatoR3505d ago

"Hirai talks up Little Big Planet, which has sold 1.3 million units worldwide.

Some 300,000 levels have been created, with a total playing time of two years."

I thought LBP was a flop...


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