Massively: One Shots: What are you looking at?

Every so often Massively opens up their mailbox to find a strange, glitched shot from an MMO someone captured and sent in. This One Shot from Warhammer Online certainly fits the bill, with more than just missing armor. They'll let Dablos explain: "After years in CoX and several other games in the non-fantasy genre, I decided to give Warhammer Online a try after a friend's recommendation. Well, I am loving it, and have really become engrossed in PvP (or RvR in WAR) for the very first time in my personally long MMO history. It's a blast! The picture is a weird one: my main, Dablos the Witch Hunter, was in Altdorf (Order's capital city) exploring a bit. I came across a NPC city guard who was, shall we say, not up to the uniform standards of her fellow soldiers. There she was, marching up and down the square, with her armor - and the top of her head - missing! A weird bug to be sure, but I thought it was funny."

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