KNIGHT XV-The World's Most Secure, Ultra-Luxurious, Handcrafted, Biofuel Powered SUV

Inspired by the Gurkha military vehicle, the KNIGHT XV is an ultra luxurious, handcrafted, bio-fuel (also available in gasoline and diesel) powered full-armoured SUV which is powered by a V10, 6.8-litre engine and sits on a super duty Ford modified platform chassis. The KNIGHT XV provides 400 hp and 498-ft lbs of torque.

The KNIGHT XV(TM) is priced at $310,000 USD. Only 100 will be made available as a limited first run. Each vehicle takes 1,500 hours to build by hand.

The KNIGHT XV(TM) offers interior appointments including Wilton Wool luxury carpeting; Andrew Muirhead leather; 6-way electric leather boardroom-style seating; Tandem sunroof glass with privacy shades; Personal side-mounted lap top trays; LED cabin lighting; Alpine AM, FM, CD, DVD navigation and Bluetooth equipment; TV Monitors; Night vision and rear op camera system and Playstation 3 (PS3).

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