William Shatner to make PAIN appearance

According to the Sony Europe PSN release schedule, on the 19th March William Shatner is set to follow in the hallowed footsteps of David Hasselhof by appearing in Sony PSN title, PAIN.

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Cajun Chicken3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Shatner in PAIN?!? Freaking awesome beyond all words! This game is seriously shaping up to be one of the most humorous games I ever played.
Who next?
I still haven't got Hoff, but I aim to once I have the cash.

My Moneys on Bam Magera, Johnny Knoxville and Tom Green.

Actually, Tom Green would be freaking hillarious.

Rick Astley, repeat, WE NEED Rick Astley.

devilhunterx3301d ago

I hope they dont sell his toupee as an extra DLC :P

Zeevious3301d ago

Shatner's hair is included & receives the same royalty payment to appear as Shatner.

At one point in the contract discussions, Shatner's Stunt-hair...Last seen with Sean Connery in "Hunt for Red October" was going to be substituted.

A last-minute concession to skip the promotional tour & 2 weeks in Waikiki sealed the deal for them both.

Shatner AND his hair will be in Pain March 19th!

Torch3301d ago

That man really IS everywhere!