The annoyances of being a girl gamer

It's common knowledge that the gaming industry and all things game related is a mans world. But GirlGamers have written about how being a girl gamer can sometimes cause problems when playing online.

"I started to find it more and more amusing when people started asking me to be their girlfriend, asking me to meet up with them to go to the cinema and I also got tired of people trying to hump my Spartan on Halo 2! I sometimes played games without saying a word so nobody would know I was female and it's amazing how much my death rate would decrease so nobody could shout "I killed the girl! I'm going to teabag her body!""

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anh_duong3512d ago

annoyances of a girlgamer?? not enough cooking games out there? j/k

Girl Gamer3512d ago

Too many cooking games more like :|. That's a whole different article about cooking games and nintendo lol :P.

ionize3512d ago

Doesn't the pink controller come with Gears 2?

Panthers3512d ago

My clan leader since 2005 on Socom is a girl. Shes been a great clan leader and has a large group with her. They make sure she doesnt get harrassed or they get Team KIlled and voted out. Still, it seems Socomers have more respect and maturity than Haloers. I have played both and people on Halo are typically rude, middle school douches.

But with all online games you are going to have retards that like to say things they would never say to your face, including hitting on chicks.

Gina-get-u3512d ago

Fuuuuunny, very funny. Your username ends in dong. Very appropriate.

Prototype3512d ago

:O Gamer chicks exist?!

Really I agree with Panthers I also play Socom and I don't hear people get stupid just over a female in the room; yet on the 360 all I hear is sexist jokes and other BS.

ThanatosDMC3512d ago

Depends on the gamer. If the person sucks then they should stop whining. I lost a lot of money fighting a chick on Tekken 6 in Vegas. That emo looking goth chick pwned me. To top it off she was hot and had a cute voice. Her character was Paul and that 5 hit combo that she can pull off hurts like hell.

MountainManBeard3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

What!... girls can't play video games, and since when can girls write these articles they can't write! Why do they act like they have rights, what do they think, they traveled to the future and it's 2009, where they can do whatever a man can do? Ha nonsense,like that'll ever happen.


An Outraged Old Man From the Last Century

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DavidMacDougall3512d ago

Im always going for girls like that and there never gamers!!??

ionize3512d ago

Thought most of the people on XBL were "Girl Gamers"

SONYSLAVE3512d ago

yeah most girls thinks PS3 sucks

DNAgent3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

There isn't any girls on XBL. You are hearing little kids. I mean people even complain about guys showing their wang in games of Uno on XBL. I guess that community is into that type of thing so XBL is probably a good meeting place for the gay community. It also explains why all the xbots on this site defend it so much.

Score3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

The problem is "Girl Gamers" are not least in the sense of the author describes herself as. In fact, the only girl that I know that is into gaming is Juuken.

Captain Tuttle3512d ago

Xbox Live has Gamerchix...something like 8000 members

Score3512d ago

That is a lot of members, but are they all like this author, or are most into what might be considered "Girl Games"?

Captain Tuttle3512d ago

How many multiplayer "girl games" are on the 360? I know that they sponsor Gears of War nights and Halo 3 nights...I see the ads on every week.

FantasyStar3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I suppose that comes with the territory in Halo. However to me, I could care less. My problem is that most girl gamers I meet don't know how to play the game or they're too relaxed in Gears 2 on Wave 40 of Horde and we all end up dying. Last thing I need is 2 liabilities because both decided that their little fun is more important than the rest of the team. Turns out those 2 ended up quitting and we were stiffed with only 3 people who are like "where's the girl?" "why'd she quit?" "awww...." -I'm sitting there yelling "get your head together!" -We're on Wave 40!

Call me sexist, but I'd rather play with guys cause then I can call them dumb ****s when they obviously aren't taking the game seriously. Say that to a girl and you might have to mute her because there's little difference between a prepubescent boy and a girl. Seriously girl gamers or whoever. If you're not going to cooperate with the team and take the game seriously like any other guy would usually, go back to your Wii and spare us the thought of losing a game.

And yes, I play "recreational". And yes, I also know that guys do all the above as well: but we're not discussing guy gamers in question are we now?

Girl Gamer3512d ago

Well I never quit a game ;) internet going off is a different matter though :|......and I'm too focused on winning that I'm perhaps too aggressive *embarrassed*.

Score3512d ago

I would say that you are an anomaly. Most "Girl Gamers" have other interests.

Girl Gamer3512d ago

Well I set up GirlGamers over 2 years ago, and have other gaming sites (and a member on many more). Take my lipstick away and i don't care, don't even know where it is lol. But take away my 360 controller and I'll kill you ;).

JeepGamer3512d ago

Just based on reading your post I can honestly tell you that if I were playing a game online with you I'd quit the game too and go find some other people to hang out with.

But of course it never crossed your mind that somebody quit the game because of how you were behaving now did it?

FantasyStar3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I'm a pretty calm guy and I don't yell in the mic telling other people what to do. It's just the clear, undisputable fact when someone's not wanting to take the game seriously that gets me upset and usually my feelings are a general consensus among the party/team. I wouldn't be so bold if I knew it'd make me look like the only jerk. I'm not your stereotypical CoD4 gamer that swears like a sailor, nor a control-freak from L4D. I consider myself a great team player in Resistance 2 and they think so too.

You join a public game expecting people to commit to some degree, however when people don't do that: it screws up the team and ends up ruining everyone's time. Girl gamers just happen to be the subject of my abuse because that's what this article is about. Granted, I have found girl gamers that are good and committed that I enjoy playing with in Resistance 2 Cooperative. Like this one time, there was this Spec-Ops that was seriously on the ball. It was able to get kills (Top 3) and keep us ammo-happy. When I learned later it was a girl that was playing: I said "you're probably the better Spec-Ops I've played with" -she replied "hey, thanks! I get that alot!". And if you've played R2's Cooperative mode: you need a functional 8 man team otherwise everyone dies cause someone decided not to do "their job". I genuinely think that if I'm being irritated, chances are others are irritated just as much and I'm usually right most of the time. Im' probably the guy that if I ever had a bad time with you in game and saw you again in real life: I'd buy you a beer.

Gina-get-u3512d ago

Your comments are sexist but, unfortunately, accurate. I'm afraid I have to agree with you. Girls don't have the testosterone driven psychology of guys and it tends to show up in the way they game. Girls have done the same things to me and it pisses me off no less. But let me say that a lot of guys do it too and they have no excuse (sexist back at ya).

@ girl gamer, I drop by your site occasionally to check it out, and I think you're doing great, so keep it up. But my whole thing is, if you are going to play a "guy" game, you have to play it like a guy. There is no feminine way to play gears. That's why it is my policy never to let people know that I'm a girl. I never give out my tag from any place where I've outed myself, and my mike has a voice modulator. To this day, nobody has ever been able to find me out.

Gue13512d ago

What I like is when you insult a girl and every man on the game comes to defend her...

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