Amazon's top ten DS games are quite encouraging

Destructoid Writes:

"A while back, I posted's top videogame picks for 2008, based on sales and desire. Considering it was all Wii, and mostly garbage, such a list was an incredibly depressing reflection on American society. I expected the same from the retailer's top DS games of 2008, but actually came away rather surprised.

Not only is Professor Layton and the Curious Village Amazon's best DS game of last year, but obscurities like The World Ends With You and N+ have also made the list. In the email Amazon sent my way, it didn't divulge any information on how these games were picked, but my hope is that it's based on consumer interest like the last one."

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user94220773480d ago

Didn't expect Layton to be up there

Cheeseknight283480d ago

Here's hoping Layton 2 will be on a few lists next year...