Hauppauge Introduces HD PVR Upgrade to Support Playstation 3 and Digital Audio

Hauppauge Digital, Inc., the world's leading developer and manufacturer of analog and digital TV tuner products for personal computers, has announced that their HD PVR now has direct recording support for digital audio and for the high definition format used by the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3). HD PVR is a high definition video recorder for PCs and Macs. It records from HD cable TV and satellite set top boxes and allows a user to create libraries of high definition TV shows and movies for playback on HD TVs or burning to disk in a Blu-ray format.

HD PVR records videos onto the hard disk of a USB attached PC. Previously, the HD PVR could record high definition videos in an H.264 format which needed to be converted to a PS3 compatible format. With the new version, HD PVR records directly into a high definition PS3 format. The playback of high definition video from a PC to a Sony PS3 through a home network is popular among PS3 users. The HD PVR recordings can also be played on the Xbox360, but a conversion step is required before the HD PVR recordings can be played.

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molsen813476d ago

I'm assuming this would be cheaper in the long run versus paying a cable company for TiVo.