Silicon Image Unveils LiquidHD

Imagine watching your favorite high-definition movie in the living room, pausing the DVR and picking the flick up again later-but on the bedroom TV. Or playing Grand Theft Auto on the PS3 in the den, and being able to move the game (without moving the console) into the basement? Silicon Image Inc., the minds behind HDMI, today announced LiquidHD, an emerging technology that will let its users do just that-share content from a single source (like a set-top box, a Blu-ray player, a laptop, or a game console, for example) on televisions all over the house.

LiquidHD consists of software and the SiI6100 LiquidHD display processor, which would be built into televisions and other consumer electronics products (alternatively, a micro-client that would be added to older, non-compatible devices). LiquidHD-enabled devices would be able to communicate with one another and share audio, high-definition video, and even built-in apps, over existing IP networks like Ethernet, coax, Powerline, or Wi-Fi.

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