Journalist on Killzone 2: "My god. Let the hype engulf you"


'European journalists are beginning to receive their Killzone 2 preview copies and one journalist is already blown away.

An Italian journalist, otherwise known as TTP on gaming forum NeoGAF, has just received his copy of Killzone 2. The full game is in his hands and he couldn't wait to express his feelings on the game so far;

"My god. Preview code looks almost like pre-alpha compared to final...."'

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HighDefinition3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )


"My god. Let the hype engulf you"

I`m getting SUPER excited realizing this is a month away from being in my possession.

This is the GAME that makes PS3 haters LOVE the PS3. You gotta love that.

HighDefinition3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

GTA:SA was definitly exciting.

I haven`t been this excited since........LittleBigPlanet. :)

Seriously though this even tops Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, and I was really excited for that game. When I got it, I couldn`t stop smiling. It was great.

Unfortunatly, now I can`t even think of Nintendo w/o cringing.

meepmoopmeep3632d ago

i'm not getting this game anymore.

i get games based on the scores from fanboy extremists on metacritic.
they are my saviors.


HighDefinition3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Now that you mention too.

I ONLY buy games developed on MY continent.


Aclay3632d ago

"My god. Let the hype engulf you"

LOL, I've already been engulfed in the hype for years!

Can't wait to finally get Killzone 2 in my hands.... After all the years, it's almost here baby!

I haven't been this excited for a game release since MGS4... but I think I'm even more excited for KZ2 than I was for MGS4 though.

Mozilla893632d ago

Just what we need, more hype.

jwatt3632d ago

Yea I don't think there's no stopping the hype, I can't wait for the multiplayer alone!

Michael Jackson3632d ago

Confirmed. This game is gonna be SOFA KING amazing!

marinelife93632d ago

I want to do some engulfing with that flamethrower.

MURKERR3632d ago

how long it take you to think that corny line up.. ;)

StayHigh3632d ago

This game is going to be one of Sony hottest title to come out. I cant wait to get my hands on the game!

eagle213632d ago

I remember Peter Moore in 07' saying, "how can 08' be the year of PS3, when Killzone 2 is coming in 2009?"

Well MS, "their he-ear" and "I see dead people". :)

Ital50Stal3631d ago

Im feeling another HAZE like event here. After this game flops too, I hope everyone will believe that Microsoft finally did something right and made a good, RELIABLE product (nobody i know ever had RROD but had the extra warranty from best buy so THEY killed their system to get a free upgrade).
Anywho...good luck to PS3 fanboys on this one..really!

MasFlowKiller3631d ago

Hey if the media wants it to flop the ill flop.

i remember looking at the gametrailer staff playing this game and ir was like they were mentally challenge, i cant count the numbers of time they ran into the wall or didn't take cover

Matpan3631d ago

Oh sure, I would let the Hype engulf me... If I had a PS3... will get one soon...

prowiew3631d ago

Cant wait. And good to see Guerrilla address the enemy AI. That was my main concern.

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Chicken Chaser3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

i was waiting for some game impression ..all i got was more graphic yadda .. he doesn't even touch the gameplay.. not saying the game will be bad at all..but im sure most people will get fooled by the amazing graphics..and thats it

heroicjanitor3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

The picture always makes me think you are unimpressed :)
You were this time but sometimes you aren't, which makes you similar to Dr Cox. Anyway where was I again... Oh yeah funny name

Chicken Chaser3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

lol ..thanks

im really impressed by killzone 2 ... i'm thinking about borrowing a ps3 from a friend or buying a used one to play this ... my only concern is that everyone seems to be blown away only by the game's graphics and they don't put the same enthusiasm about the gameplay when they talk about it... or sometimes don't mention it at all

Pennywise3632d ago

This preview does not mention gameplay, but plenty of them have. Everything I have read has been very positive.

Score3632d ago

There have not only been numerous articles talking about game play, there have been videos.

HighDefinition3632d ago

All I`ve ever heard about the Gameplay was it`s alot like COD4. Which isn`t a bad thing.

Sarcasm3632d ago

The focus on graphics is generated from the HYPE of E3 2005's trailer. Too many people bagged on Sony and GG for releasing pre-rendered footage. So what do we get now? Graphics that fall short, meet, and even surpass the trailer in different areas.

By fall short, I mean the fluidity of pre-rendered footage is extremely hard to match by actual game play.

By meet, I'm talking about the intensity, the sounds, the violence, the pure carnage is all there.

And by surpassing, the lighting, the COLORS, the fire effects, the variety of helghast, and of course does this by all being rendered by the PS3.

So that's why all people do is talk about graphics when it comes to Killzone 2.

But having been in the beta myself, the gameplay lives up to the graphics. It's like a Gears of War 2 and COD4 had a baby and Killzone 2 popped out. Which is a very F'in good thing.

: ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

hay3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

No wai! Dr. Cox is like dozens times better... But I agree with da Chicken. mostly I hear about Killzone 2's awesome-fckin-visuals.
The more I'm interested in is gameplay and mood. And as I could see on the gameplays, it appears to be incredible. Well, it's less than 2 months to check it out myself.

Karum3632d ago

Good and interesting post. It was nice to read your reasoning on that comment.

Bubble and agree for you sir.

liquidsnake3632d ago

Bubbles for sarcasm, really good post. Have played the beta at my friends house a couple of times and after the first time I couldn't sleep at night because all I was thinking about was KZ2. Now if the gameplay is anything like the beta it is a winner in my book.
(And we allready know that the final build IS better)

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heroicjanitor3632d ago

I wanted this to be good! And Italians wouldn't lie, would they?

meepmoopmeep3632d ago

didn't you know Sony is part of the Mafia?

they wouldn't dare mess with Don Ken Kataragi

hay3632d ago

And his real name is Kenigi Kutaraginio...

gamesmaster3632d ago

haha that made me laugh.

sonito computer entertainment FTW

ultimolu3632d ago

Lol, Italian Mafia.

Ya'll funny.

Have bubbles. :3

fossilfern3631d ago

you know fascism originated from Italy and where part of the Axis ?

GarandShooter3631d ago

And now it's matured into Helghanism and SixAxis!

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chewy3173632d ago

Let the hype engulf you, me every one

3632d ago
Mc1873632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

I Love taking your bubbles.
because you never have anything but crap spewing out of your trap, don't blame the moderaters, blame yourself for never posting anything worth reading.

Ital50Stal3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

You are a complete TOOL...hope when..what is this game called again? Haze 2? or is it killzone2..doesnt matter, same thing (flop) how you ps3 fanboys be this excited for a game? EVERY other game on the system either sucked or only 30 ppl bought it. You shouldnt let the hype get to've been heart broken soooo many times before

Elvfam5113631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

So let us get hype your not buying the game

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Fishy Fingers3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

"Almost feels like a GG dev was hidden behind the sofa taking notes at every "mmh" of mine during my preview code run. "

Love that.

"And there are quite a few differences in how things unfold [to the preview code]"

Quite a few people mentioned the lack of story in the preview could. "who am I?", "why am I doing this?" stuff like that, lack of narrative. Fingers crossed thats what he's getting at. I still enjoy single player just as much as MP.

Score3632d ago

I am more excited about the multiplayer, but I hope that the single player has a decent story too...sounds like it does from this guy.

Fishy Fingers3632d ago

In the long run, I will put more hours into the MP, for sure. But I love blasting through the single player game. Usually in one sitting if possible :)

Hopefully, if (when) we get a co-op patch I'll be a happy man.

Retro-Virus3632d ago

Every time there is an article about Killzone-2, I come searching for any word on Co-op but how can GG leave this out? :(

Fishy Fingers3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

I know, it's a real shame. But to many sources list rumours (some strong),or quotes from (official) magazine editors about co-op being patched post launch. I like to think GG/Sony know it is something to be expected of FPS games now. I know COD4 didnt but still, the majority do.

I'm pretty damn confident a patch will come, but GG/Sony wont want to talk about it so close to release. Why descuss the one negative? they'll be pushing all the positive aspects and rightly so.

If it's going to happen, I expect to start hearing about it just after release.

Retro-Virus3632d ago

That makes sense, why say anything about that 'one' bad thing. So patch it is then, wooot !!! That would make Killzone-2 just so awesome....

But makes me wonder, with 4 years dev time, why didn't they put it in. Is it that hard, I mean they have an AI that's actually doing Co-op in the game and that's even harder to do, it's all a bit strange really !!

ronando3632d ago

Let's just say the GG and Sony R&D have been dedicated to making the one player mode and online game as good as anything you'll ever experience to-date. As much as I love the idea of co-op mode, I would prefer to have their resources dedicated to what I will be spending most of my time on, online and single player. It's been in the works for 4 years, utilizing the best of technology available. Let them continue their focus and let's cross our fingers for a co-op patch in the near future...No compromises, quality over quantity!

I have the feeling we're going to be in for a real treat.

pixelsword3631d ago

...because it sounds like they rounded-up a bunch of hillbillies and gave them sandwiches to read the lines and the hillbillies were eating while they read the lines.

It made my earholes cry...


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