The Bitch is Back: Cooper Lawrence Talks About Video Games Again

Almost a year to the day after Cooper Lawrence embarrassed herself on Fox News over her complete ignorance of the content in 'Mass Effect', she was back on Fox to talk about video game addiction.

While her comments weren't as grossly shocking, they still weren't particularly bright.

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rucky3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

Well it has been almost a year since the mass effect incident. Off to Amazon again.... when I get to work that is. What a way f*cked up way to start the day.

Harry1903510d ago

If you watched the video, you would know that she is talking about a fact. Whether you like games or not, excess and addiction is a factor and it's not all's well in the greatest of worlds.

She did not say anything bad about it, she even praised games as a means to increase IQ scores. Her main focus was on addiction, not videogames as the evil form.

dcbronco3510d ago

Cooper Lawrence is just another trashy opportunist. They make up things that excuses for parents that are too caught up in their own bs to deal with their kids. Kids don't go into withdrawal, they pout. Give them something else and they will forget the other thing. Or really get crazy and spend some damn time with them. And of course she always goes to the "King" of Sh!t shoveling, The Fox "New" Network. But I guess in a society built on money, with a ready audience for more bs and willing to pay for it, we'll always have this type of bs and people ready to agree with it.

Kinetix3510d ago

Ugghh! This b1tch makes me so irritable. :Storms off to eat:

hitthegspot3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

more like Ditz.. you can't call her a beach for being stupid...

Kinetix3510d ago

It's one thing to be stupid, which is fine. But it's another thing to be stupid and act like you know and this b1tch don't know.

Mwaan3510d ago

And stupid too. Double wammy. Can someone leave me a link to one of her books so I can leave some feedback?

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The story is too old to be commented.