CES 2009: SanDisk and Sony to Expand "Memory Stick PRO" and "Memory Stick Micro" Formats

SanDisk Corporation and Sony Corporation today announced the joint development of two expanded formats that will shape the flash memory landscape for years to come.

In addition, SanDisk and Sony today announced the joint development of "Memory Stick HG Micro", a format expanded from "Memory Stick Micro" (M2). This new format adopts an enhanced 8-bit parallel interface and features an increased interface clock frequency of 60 mega hertz (MHz), enabling 60MB/s (480 Mbps in theoretical value) maximum data transfer speed. This is three times faster than the conventional serial 4-bit parallel interface and 40MHz interface clock frequency adopted in the "Memory Stick Micro", offering data-transfer speeds of the "Memory Stick PRO-HG" on a micro-size memory card.

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Capt CHAOS3479d ago

Price for one.

I much prefer the SD form factor and the Compact Flash where performance is needed.

heroicjanitor3479d ago

That may be your opinion right now, but 2TB is nothing to sneeze at, along with three times the transfer speed, so you know it's getting much better.

fatstarr3478d ago

awesomeee thats alot lol ppl will be like skrew that hdd im gettin a memory stick.