Killzone 2 gets firm Euro release date

Sony has just announced that the Guerilla Shooter, Killzone 2 will release on February 25th in Europe which is two days before it will be released in the US.

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FreestyleBarnacle3262d ago

Wow, this and Red Bull Air Race in one day. It's like Christmas came early. Or is it late? Anyone? Anyone? Beuler?

ultimolu3262d ago

Good for you guys! :D
Bout' time ya'll get something early.

Enjoy! :)

MURKERR3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

ill be at home on my ps3 creeping,shooting laying helgan motherfu*kers deep in the dirt..sorry im getting a bit hyped lol

Mikelarry3262d ago

cant wait, didnt play the first but from the trailers and gameplay vids this looks like its gonna be good.

Cajun Chicken3262d ago

I wonder how long seperates Killzone 2's release date from Infamous?

Sangria3262d ago

One month and two days if all fits perfectly.

Egzekutor3262d ago

Wow this makes history oO , finally they release something before USA..

heyheyhey3262d ago

well it was developed in Europe

BrianC62343262d ago

I have a feeling the U.S. will get Killzone 2 on the same day. We just don't get new games on Friday. A Tuesday or Wednesday release date is more likely.

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The story is too old to be commented.