Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - New screenshots

Rockstar Games published new GTA: Chinatown Wars screenshots. Check them out.

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Kinetix3356d ago

This is kinda off-topic but how does resident evil 5 get so much slack for being racist but something like this doesn't. Maybe I'm not too informed on how much this differs from re5 besides the "zombies" but for now this is something I would like to find out.

FantasyStar3356d ago

It's Nintendo. Also, I would also begin to hold my breath because if games like Madworld can come under fire by the media: no doubt GTA will get the same treatment: unfortunately for different reasons. I expect racism to be a factor though, not the leading cause.

Rico_Suavez3356d ago

This looks like a low res Calling All Cars...

DR-IVO3356d ago

oh great here come the lawsuits soon after release with that screw driver picture in the ignition, "I learned how to steal a car from Grand Theft Auto Chinatown wars"