European PSN Store Update 8/1

Quote from Site:

"The Playstation Store has now had it's weekly update and unless there is more to be added later then it is nothing to get excited about".

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Cajun Chicken3394d ago

No SSFII:HD yet. This EU PSN Store Fiasco better be sorted out in the future as its really one of the only negative things I can say about Sony.

Pugo3394d ago

Agree! I had hoped for Lumines as well. I don't want to use "american" fake accounts just to get access to the american store, but the slow and contentless european PSN store makes me do it.

HighDefinition3394d ago

I`m starting to think SCEE does this on purpose, because people complain about it so much. LOL.

Cwalat3394d ago

HighDefenition -

I'm beginning to think the same thing,
i mean really.. is it that hard to make it global ?

and just bring subtitles to every different language?
it's not like we in europe can't read...

HighDefinition3394d ago

I know, I couldn`t see it being that complicated to do.

hay3394d ago

Hey, at least they gave LotR: Conquest.

@Pugo: That's why I often buy from US PSN Store... More stuff.

Cajun Chicken3394d ago

I am so close to considering getting a credit card just because of this situation.

hay3394d ago

Well, I ordered majority of my downloads from US PSN and using card wherever applicable so it's worth it. There are lots of attractive promotions where you can get card even for free or longer "no %" period so it's pretty much harmless. As long as you're careful with it.

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cp683394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Looks like the year is starting as rubbish as the past year.

Mikelarry3394d ago

with the psp crap they put up i dont own a psp so this update (as usual) is totally worthless to me.

Dipso3394d ago

Eh MIKELARRY the PSP content is for people with PSP's obviously..not you. I'm so sorry you deem it worthless.

....jayzus talk about an overinflated sense of grandeur.

micro_invader3394d ago

I've been keen on trying out that new LOTR game, but other than that not a great update.

rev203394d ago

And i was getting flamed on here for saying EU always get shafted Street fighter HD a month later still not out and not even a word mentioned.

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The story is too old to be commented.