SEGA confirm Aliens: Colonial Marines still twitching, due Q1 2009

While not giving a specific date, SEGA have said the game will be arriving sometime quarter one, but calendar or fiscal makes a difference.

Calendar would be anytime now till March 31st, where as SEGA's fiscal Q1 runs from April 1st till June 30th. The game was feared canned, but Gearbox happily chirped otherwise.

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Hellsvacancy3423d ago

Im glad i hasnt been canned

Helghast Slayer3423d ago

If developed well this could turn out to be a sleeper hit. Oh i just finished Dead Space, the game is an absolute blast. Can't wait for a sequel. I'm a sucker for alien outer space games.

FreestyleBarnacle3423d ago

Isn't it great? Have you tried it on Really Hard? It feels like a real survival horror then. Reminds me of Alone in the Dark and such back in the day.
As in super hard, not French.

ph3lid3423d ago

yeah man, Dead Space is one of the best games i've played this gen, along with Bioshock.

AngryHippo3423d ago

....they are great. I hope this game turns out to be good and does the Alien franchise justice.

iceman28853423d ago

Is it me or has there been no buzz for this game at all. Seriously, it's due out in Q1 and I haven't seen any kind of videos on it and only limited screenshots and interviews with GearBox here and there.

I'ell be the first to say, I don't care, I love Aliens and I have high expectations for this game, and I'm even more pumped that it could be coming out way sooner than I expected.

Here's to hoping it successful.

Graphics Whore3423d ago

As long as Sega has nothing to do with the internal building process that's cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.