Red Bull space now live in European PlayStation Home

PS3-Sense writes "The Red Bull space is now live in the European version of PlayStation Home, the space is 21.4MB and requires now patch. It can be accessed within the world map."

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Cajun Chicken3302d ago

I'll give this a whirl at some point today.

FreestyleBarnacle3302d ago

Is this a sign of Europe catching up with the rest of the world not being far off? Probably not but a man can dream can't he?

Cajun Chicken3302d ago

lol, yeah. Too true.

Still wondering where that 'Super Sonic Super Cars' game, Lumines and SSFII:HD is.

FreestyleBarnacle3302d ago

I think I can miss out on Super Sonic Super Duper Super Stylish Super Flashy Super Super Borange. Lumines would allow me to get my girlfriend even more excited about the PS3 after Stardust and LittleBigPlanet. As for Street Fighter, can I recommend a cheap old used SNES on an old CRT TV you have about the place. Just too awesome. Bubbles for reminding me though.

Ju3301d ago

Well, Red Bull is an European company (Austrian :), so why not give them some love first. :) Good things seam to come out of Europe lately.

Regor Ttenneb3302d ago

Im there right now and you cant actually do anything.
Everyone is just standing round looking at the planes.
Nobody knows what to do.
Great :/

Bren863302d ago

You have to target someone then press left or right to retarget and hopefully navigate onto the game, stupid method.

There is no leaderboards neither so it feels pretty pointless and gets boring after 5 goes.

Regor Ttenneb3301d ago

ahh thanks. how stupid is that!?

NeonSkull3301d ago

it has been said that the area like the rest of home will evolve over time.

Bren863301d ago

how can you even defend this crap

heyheyhey3301d ago

Euro didn't get the red bull space later than the Americans?

did SCEE wake up or something?

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The story is too old to be commented.