Is Microsoft afraid of Killzone?

Every time that it blunts a date for Killzone, Microsoft answers with a date about something else.

"It seems that Microsoft is terrified by all the hype surrounding Killzone 2 and try in every way to oppose his cards marred the best output."

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DaKid3422d ago

I don't think any company is scared of a single game. Its competition and it just makes the companies try consistently harder to out do the other, its a good thing.

SullyDrake3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Microsoft should be very scared, since Killzone 2 appears to have gameplay which lives up to it's astounding visuals, and cannot be done on the 360.

Best console visuals without a sweat, promising gameplay, 32-player online, promised DLC, no install, and massive hype. I bet even Nintendo got a chill down their spine.

Killzone 2 will be the official mark of a tide changed in Sony's favor. Simply buying exclusive games/content will NOT save Microsoft in 2009.

kharma453422d ago

Having been in the beta, I can say the online is fantastic, it plays really well.

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DaKid3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

While I agree that KZ2 looks amazing, and is going to be hella fun. i think you missed my point, I am certain that neither company is scared of just one game be it MS or Sony. One game will not change anything, what will though is the long term lineup and future planing. MS has known about KZ2 for a long time now, just like Sony knew of MS announcements and each company plans accordingly. Trust me ;-)

marinelife93422d ago

I have to disagree with you Dakid. Halo (one game) defined the original Xbox. Most people didn't have any other game but Halo.

The article brought up some interesting points.

dachiefsman3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

he did miss your point cause mitchell has a one track mind: Sony good, MS bad.

I agree with your original post though, competition is better for the end user in the end.

DaKid3422d ago

Halo did define the Xbox, and I did indeed buy it for the game. But do you think Sony or Nintendo were scared when Halo, Halo 2, or Halo 3 released?

Sarcasm3421d ago

I understand what Dakid is saying.

No logical company should be afraid of just a single game.

Infact, I always believe what pulls people towards Playstation is a variety of top quality exclusive games. And folks, that's going to be Killzone 2, God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, Uncharted 2, etc. etc. *usual list of PS3 exclusives*

TheExecutive3421d ago

Easy there Mitchell, although you may be correct that is a big claim you are making...

Sure MS doesnt want to see this game come out. It proves that the PS3 is technically superior to their console. It appears the gameplay is there to back it up too.

I doubt Ninetendo cares, they are way way too busy counting money.

However, to say it will turn the tide is a little hasty. A 199 ps3 will turn the tide... possibly a 299 but that is iffy.

morganfell3421d ago

Absolutely they are afraid. The only thing they have is HALO Wars and they just announced at CES they are moving that up 3 days to release on Feb 28th - as close to Killzone 2 as they can get.

The Killer3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

and i dont like darkness, if only there was some variety then it would have been great, KZ2 technically is a master peace but i still have to see videos of other than darkness to decide if it will change the tides of the console war or not!!

i didnt like Gears of war and i didnt like doom 3 and any other dark shooter game, thats just my opinion!

i really wish KZ2 had more colors, like some forest and desert and snow, that will be amazing!! we go the idea that first we have to fight them in their towns but later there must be some missions in the wild!

but KZ2 with HDTV will make an experience that is not experienced before.

and what will really change the tides of the war is ps3 at 299!!


MS will fail to counter KZ2 because they love to rush their titles just to counter any ps3 new releases and never give the Devs enough time to polish Halo Wars thats why it will have many flows and remember that i said it first!

if u agree bubble me up, i lost 2 bubble for no reason!


and i really hope they release a better AI by the game release date! a game with such quality and money spend they should have made a very solid AI and that it can be controlled by the difficulty on how intelligent is the enemies!

mint royale3421d ago

MS have moved Halo wars release date slightly to compete. Doesn't mean they are afriad and nor does it mean the nintendo or sony are afraid if they do the same thing.

evrfighter3421d ago

While it's true that Halo may have defined the xbox. You have to remember this was because it was the first game to bring pc-like online play to the table. Haze could have had Halo like success if it was the first to accomplish this. Unfortunatly I don't believe Killzone 2 can bring anything to the table like the original Halo did. I don't think eye candy alone is gonna do it. Eye candy also has also proven that it's not a major factor in selling games. (see crysis) (see l4d vs. Far cry 2)

Sitdown3421d ago

ever heard of the word "strategy"? How about the word "respect"? Could it not just be that because Microsoft respects the potential of Killzone 2 that they have implement a strategy to kill some of its buzz.

jwatt3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

I don't care what you people say but I think MS is a little worried about Killzone but the same thing happen with Sony last year. Last year when gta 4 was being released Sony threw out A Dual shock and gt prologue to help push sells because I think they were a little worried about GTA4 pushing more hardware on the 360.

Now this year you got SF4 and resident evil both Sony and Ms want to push more hardware with these titles. Sony put Killzone in betwwen both of these games to push more hardware and Ms is trying to push gta dlc and Halo wars around the same time but it seems like they were wating for Sony to make an announcement for Kilzone's release dates and demos. It is competion but I also see ms a little worried about Killzone by waiting untill after sony makes there announcements.

I do think MS has a big advantage of having a cheaper console and they might promote gta dlc more than Sony promotes Killzone.

Homicide3421d ago

Microsoft has Halo. 'Nuff said.

BRG90003421d ago

I see what DaKid means and agree. Yes, Killzone will probably be a huge boon for PS3 and Sony. But "afraid" is not really an accurate word to use in a competitive marketplace, especially about one product. Sure Microsoft will continue to try to one-up Sony as they release one of their biggest titles in a long time. That's good business, not them lashing out in desperation.

To you people saying Microsoft is afraid of Killzone... would you have said Sony was afraid of Gears of War 2? I bet many of you would rather chew off your left arm than make such a statement.

shawnsl653421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

no company should be afraid of 1 game, it's like a boxer punching another boxer with 1 hit, but when a company tosses a whole bunch of killers in a row.. it's like a 1 2 3 4 5 6 hit combo and maybe knock out (well in the PS2 generation anyways). Just an example ^_^ (not gonna happen this generation anytime soon it seems if at all).

Anyways MS will make better games maybe trying to hit kz2 level, then Sony will make even better ones then Ms makes better better ones, ETC.

In the end, we as gamer should be sitting happily playing all the awesome games. Win WIn WIN!

IdleLeeSiuLung3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

If you are a fanboy, you can call it fear. For everyone else not blinded by fanboyism, it is a smart business move. Pre-emptively strike...

Once could also say, Sony released LBP right before Gears 2 so they must be scared of Gears.... I would also like to point out that they are different genre games all togheter, so it might not have anything to do at all.

So stop reading the latest pro Sony (or MS) blog and rehash it here as truths. If you firmly believe KZ2 will utterly distroy MS, then let the numbers speak in February. I do hope KZ2 does well, because competition is good.

MasFlowKiller3421d ago

They Got halo wars the same week

Rhoic3421d ago

"Killzone 2 will be the official mark of a tide changed in Sony's favor. Simply buying exclusive games/content will NOT save Microsoft in 2009."

Wasn't this stated for 2008 for Little Big Planet, Haze, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Resistance 2?

And then again in 2007 when all the titles were announced and then delayed?

Microsoft doesn't have anything to worry about. Even their really crappy games sell well.

JeffGUNZ3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

How can they be scared? KZ2 is coming out on the PS3, not the 360. People who have a 360 arn't playing PS3 with or without awful halo wars coming out. I mean come on, I love the 360, but Halo is awful and Halo Wars is going to be even worse. I personally believe all the 360 users will be contenpt playing Gears 2 or CoD or even Halo while people who own a PS3 will play KZ2 during the winter. This article is pathetic.

sretlaw3421d ago

It's pretty much all MS does though. Sony sets it, MS follows. Pretty much everything from the creation of the 360 to this is Microsoft just waiting to react against Sony. Sony does whatever the hell they want, and MS tries to respond every time. HDMI, 1080p...MS just stares at what others are doing and responds.

MS Strategy: OMG Sony is making Home, that looks SOOOO cool, lets release something we can make before they release with very little features so we can make it quicker...NXE!!! Good, now we can keep our XBL subscribers happy for another month.

Now I'm not saying MS is scared, they just know how whip their developers to cut corners so that they can attempt to neutralize whatever Sony brings out. While Sony sits around thinking of what to do next, MS is sitting there thinking, "What do you think Sony's doing?"

godofthunder103421d ago

You could tell that tis is a ps3 fanboy article.The fact is that microsoft isn't scare of KZ2.When Halo 3 came out ps3 fanboys were saying a different story.Ps3 fanboys were saying that sony wasn't scared of halo 3.The fact is that they are right.Their isn't one company that is afraid of just 1 game on the other console and microsoft isn't scared of KZ2.The fact is that companies all ways do things like this it's called competition.Hell sony do the exact damn thing so stop crying like a buch of kids fighting who have the best toy.all fanboys are doining is making an a** of their selfs..

I'm tired of hearing how much greater the graphics are then the 360.The fact is that you can't hardley tell them a part because they are so damn close.The majority of the ps3 fanboys that's talking about the graphics can't even tell them apart.Hell the majority of the people don't even care about graphics,all you have to do is look at the WII.When i buy a game graphics are the last thing i look for.I look for the storyline,game play,and controlles of the game.A game with the best graphics in the world could be the worst game in the world so stop talking about graphics.

I'm also tired of hearing that the ps3 is future proof when facts proved it wasn't.Ps3 fanboys are still saying that the ps3 is future when they know it isn't.At the begining of last year a game was released called "CRYSIS".It was only posoable for a pc to play it because the 360 AND THE PS3 was not powerful enough and this is a fact.The ps3 fanboys that don't belive me could look it up their selfs.When the most powerfull home pc was released 2 years ago it was the top of the line.It was more powerful then the 360 and ps3.It is now out dated and need upgrade.So don't say that the ps3 is future proof when it isn't.If it was future proof like ps3 fanboys claim then it would have played CRYSIS and that's a fact.

If the ps3 was future proof Sony wouldn't say that the ps4 will be out around 2012 along with the other xbox and nintendo.If the ps3 was future proof like ps3 fanboys claim then why is sony working on a more powerful system as we speak.

I'll admitt that i have a 360 and i love it.I wouldn't trade it for a ps3 for any thing.I'll also admitt that the ps3 is a good system as a matter of fact it's the most dependable system every made.I'll also admitt that i wish the 360 had some exclusive ps3 games on it just like i know people with a ps3 wish they had some 360 exclusives on it.

I'm just tire of fanboys from both sides not giveing credit where credit is due.I think that the ps3 will start doing better.The wii already won this generation so people might as well face it.The 360 and ps3 will fight it our for 2nd place.The winner will have nothing to brag about because who ever win it want be by much.

I know that the 360 had a high defect rate and i agree with ps3 fanboys on that because it's true.Unlike when ps3 fanboys said the next xbox will have a defect in it i have to disagree.Just like sony microsoft will learn from their mistakes.Ps3 fanboys are always saying that microsoft screwed the people because they only gave us a 3 year warrinty.The fact is that it was a lot better then what sony gave for the ps2.When sony was sued over the ps2 because it had a defected hard drive in it they didn't really do anything.The fact was that sometime you could buy a new ps2 and game and it would say can't read disc.After the lawsuit sony only gave us an extra 2 month warrinty from their announcement date.The fact is that i had to buy 4 ps2s because of it in less then 5 years.Every one i know had to buy atleast 2 in 3 years.I'm not saying the ps2 defect was as high as the 360s because it wasn't.The point i'm trying to make is that a 3 year warrinty on a defect is a lot better then 2 and that's a fact.

fanboys from both systems should stop being bias and acting childish.The 360 and ps3 are both good systems.They both have positive and negative things about them.They both have good and bad games on the.Fanboys might as well face it they are both here to stay and that's a fact.

Cenobia3421d ago

The Helghan live on a seperate planet, not just a different town. It would be unrealistic if they had the same weather variations as Earth. It is supposed to be very hard to live their, which is why the Helghast are slightly mutated (they evolved to live their).

There is supposedly different environments, they just haven't shown them yet. Same for the AI. They've only shown a couple of levels, and the AI was likely toned down so people could actually get through it.

Consoldtobots3421d ago

I fail to understand this mentality this generation, the market is big enough for three consoles. Why one corporation would want to eliminate one of the competitors and probable even the other one too, it makes you wonder just what Microsoft is after.

The Killer3421d ago

in what u said i agree with u 100%

Why dis3421d ago

It will take much more than that to scar MSFT that goes for MSFT having one title to strike fear in Sony(unless you have a game with Halo star power)

Sitdown3421d ago

"It's pretty much all MS does though. Sony sets it, MS follows. Pretty much everything from the creation of the 360 to this is Microsoft just waiting to react against Sony....While Sony sits around thinking of what to do next, MS is sitting there thinking, "What do you think Sony's doing?""

Ohhh, so what you are saying is that Microsoft stole trophies from Sony...and just changed the name to "achievements". Ohh, and I had no idea the psn store existed before market place. And you mean that guide button on my 360 controller actually existed first on my ps3 controller. And the video download service was the product of Sony first? Hdd shipping with your console? Sony did that first? Anyhow.....if you are going to make a point please do so without stretching the truth....feel free to list all the stuff that you feel Microsoft copied from Sony.

buy a ps33421d ago

true but it's what Killzone 2 could prove that Microsoft in scared of.

The Lazy One3421d ago

Don't forget all those times M$ had to cut price to make up for a PS3 price cut... like that one time back in... rrr...




oh wait... I was thinking of that time the PS3 had to cut price twice in 6 months... my bad...

SHAKIMAT3421d ago


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Deadman643421d ago

Yeah I mean the first killzone did some serious damage right?? lol.

borgome3421d ago

The game looks like BOB

pixelsword3421d ago

...which didn't stop the second one from being a success.

ravinshield3421d ago

why the f**k would microsoft want to talk about a tittle that is not from them.stupid FONY girls

NewZealander3421d ago

as a 360 owner i hope MS are afraid of killzone, i hope MS lose sleep thinking about the impact this game could make, because the more they realise that sony are pulling out the big guns then the more MS might try to combat it with somthing of their own.

MS has been lacking any real big game news of late, killzone just may be the wake up call they need, because as a 360 owner im not seeing anything worth playing on xbox so far for 09.

GiantEnemyLobster3421d ago

I wonder how the PStards are going to take it.

Sam Fisher3421d ago

ima say killzone is going to rape (trust me there is no bigger killzone hater than me). and anyways i rather choose a fps than a f***ing strategy game any day.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3421d ago

Remember the hype around the first Killzone? that game sure turned out to be an Xbox killer.

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gears223422d ago

This article just gave the media another reason to hate on Killzone 2
Watch the reviewers give it a 7 or 8 now.

Aaron Greenturd3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Remember the first time a bully got in your face at the bus stop? Or the first time a hot young girl rejected you because you were "allegedly stalking" her?

That's how scared my company is on this one. We have done everything to prepare for the launch of this game:

1. We made multi-million dollar deals with large media conglomerates
2. We made more multi-million dollar deals with large media conglomerates
3. We brainwashed an entire generation of young males to believe that somehow, Sony "deserves what they get"; little do they know they are protecting Satan himself (me)
4. Showered media outlets with negative ps3 news
5. Release propaganda news statements about a ps3 price drop soon, when in reality, we have no idea how and when Sony will drop the hammer on us
6. We've made E3 2005 the top ranked search on Google, Yahoo, and MSN
7. We've employed my cousin, Marc Doyle, as head of Metacritic (if he can't fix reviews, no one can)

The top execs for my company will be leaving soon for their personal fallout bunkers, designs taken specifically from the game "Fallout", so we can emerge 200 years later and dominate the console market.

Our father, who art in heaven.....

Ryudo3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

@Aaron Greenturd

You must live in a very twisted world my friend a very twisted world indeed.

But your right am about 62 percent sure MS are planning to take over the world. with an army of giant killer green ants with laser guns.

ThanatosDMC3421d ago

HAHAHAH! That was great!

@ Ryudo

It's not ants but GIANT CRABS!!!

Anyway, i seems that Sony is doing things at their own pace and ignoring their "competition" and the competition is really acting like an ex-gf that keeps nagging you for attention. Irritating.

Mike134nl3422d ago

Killzone 2 will be the biggest release for sony yet to come. Ofcourse they are not scared, though wise enough to consider the fact that Killzone 2 will become a big hit, which will have a (big) impact on their sale numbers for that period. Think they will and need to do extra markting for their console and games releasing in that time-frame, if not only to loose the momentum of their price cut.

Why dis3421d ago

Every game is that one ;)

Cheeseknight283421d ago

I'm thinking MGS4 was a bit more important to the PS3 than KZ2... an establish franchise that even semi-hardcore gamers have heard of vs. a sequel to a game that sold and preformed poorly on the PS2.

I mean, KZ2 might be the greatest game ever made, but if no one knows about it (And believe me, everyone I've asked has no clue) then how does Sony expect it to sell? Wouldn't it be smarter to put the demo up for everyone to download on PSN, rather than pre-order only? Anyone who pre-orders the game probably has an idea of what the game is; whereas a general PS3 owner browsing the PSN marketplace may come across it, download it, and tell all his other PS3 owning buddies to go get it.

This game better receive a better marketing campaign than Resistance 2 or LittleBigPlanet, but unfortunately I haven't seen anything of the sort start yet.

Truplaya3422d ago

maybe before the holiday period but not now. KZ2 will hardly affect console sales and the 360 has no big shooters due out at the same time as killzone.

It will be interesting to see the sales on KillZone. Another little Big Planet or another MGS4? I dont know, but i'll be getting it