Xbox Left Out? 3D Gaming Only Works with HDMI


'Sony teases PlayStation 3D at consumer technology trade show, requires HDMI to work.

We reported on the possibility of stereoscopic 3D coming to consoles, in particular the PlayStation 3, late last year. Blitz Games, who are developing the technology, claimed that Sony was very interested in bringing the technology to both Blu-ray films and video games.

So what do you need to get the technology to work? Blitz Games' co-founder Andrew Oliver reveals that the consoles will need an HDMI output;

"[Therefore], there are some early Xbox's that won't work. Of course, they've all blown up, haven't they? I guess they get repaired in the long run..."'

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Cajun Chicken3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )



Right from the start



Saint Sony3479d ago

Ever heard of 360 with HDMI?

Score3479d ago

There can't be many 360s left without the HDMI output...even the new arcade has that.

techie3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Yes but then there's another problem. The game has to run at 1080p and 60fps (according to the article) and we all know the XBox 360 isn't capable of that anyway. It's clearly dooooomed.


heroicjanitor3479d ago

Then give up.

This is what consoles are about, that every single one should be the same, and microsoft with their tiered money-grabbing ways have completely screwed that up. This means that they can't use 3D without forcing people to buy a new 360(for the early 360s which haven't exploded).

LONEWOLF2313479d ago

Ahh no there are many games out there that Run in 1080p at 60fps for the 360! Call of Duty WAW is one of them.

Cajun Chicken3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Ever heard of all the 360s WITHOUT HDMI the thousands of them, like mine, unlike PS3s that had them in every model right from launch?

thereapersson3479d ago

Haha, I see what you did there. Well played, good sir. :)

Chug3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

My launch 360 doesn't have hdmi. So I guess I'm left out...

Each of the two times my 360 was fixed due to hardware failure they refused to upgrade my "core" system to anything further (premium, elite, hdmi, etc.) than it was out of the box the day I bought it on launch day.

I'll be damned if I buy another one for this reason.

techie3479d ago

Lonewolf. I was being sarky. There are a couple of games running at 1080p and 60fps on the Xbox 360. And CODWAW does not run at 1080p, it runs at 600p on both consoles. Sorry to break that to you.

Saigon3479d ago

doesnt the 360 have HDMI (only certain versions if I am not mistaken)...this makes no sense...redo article...

JsonHenry3479d ago

I thought that because of the built in hardware resolution scaler that all 360 games can "run" at 1080p 60FPS. (not natively, neither console has the throughput to run even the simplest of 3D games natively @ 1920*1080)

techie3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

"(only certain versions if I am not mistaken)"

Read more than the title?

Jason, has to be native. PS3 upscales too.

gaffyh3479d ago

@Cajun Chicken - More like millions, in fact probably 15 million of the 360 consoles sold don't have HDMI like mine. But the PS3 had it from the beginning...

Cajun Chicken3479d ago

Good point, I was never too good with numbers...

Graphics Whore3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Like they already mentioned, All PS3's have a hard drive and HDMI, every single one of them, it's hard to say the same thing about Xbox 360.

However then you encounter a whole new problem which is the scarcity of HDTV's, asking the question would it be worth it?

Ju3479d ago

Jason, just FYI:

Probably worth a read (these are native resolutions, not scaled).

StayHigh3479d ago

There is over like 11 million xbox360 owners that have no HDMI..Microsoft screwed up and they still continue to sell their gimped out xbox360 with endless flaws within the system.. This show how Microsoft does't really care about consumers .Sony fans will get the last laugh because we got a system that is future proof!! with lots of exclusive games and movies.

godofthunder103479d ago

I guess ps3 fanboys forgot.The only 360 that doesen't have an hdi is the low end version.

CAJUN CHICKEN said and i quote"Who's laughing at the phrase 'future proof' now, eh?


Right from the start"

I can't see how anyone can say that the ps3 is future proof.The fact is that the 360 AND THE PS3 is unable to play CRYSIS and it was a game that came out last year and that's a fact.The pc is the only thing capable of playing it.The fact is that they will have a lot of games that will come out in this year and the furture that the 360 AND THE PS3 will not beable to play them because the systems are to weak and that's a fact.

CAJUN CHICKEN and any other ps3 fanboy could disagree but facts is facts and their isn't anything they can do about it.If the ps3 was really future proof it would have been able to play CRYSIS but it couldn't.


InMyOpinion3479d ago

Will be something to look forward to for the next gen of consoles.

eagle213479d ago

Xbox left out. Solution: Buy the PS3. Easy fix.

Kushan3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

You got what you paid for when you bought the 360. Sure, the PS3 is "future proof", but it's also a lot more expensive, surely it's fair to say that neither company made a mistake, they just had different targets. The PS3 isn't going to get as cheap as the 360 any time soon and RIGHT NOW the only real benefit is Blu-ray. When this 3D technology actually comes to market (if it ever does, that is), the PS3 will probably cost less than what a 360 costs now. It's a non-issue, you pay for being "future proof", simple as that.

Seriously, anyone that buys something because of what it POTENTIALLY MIGHT be able to do down the line is an idiot, you buy something for what it does RIGHT NOW. When you bought your 360 2 or 3 years ago and it didn't have an HDMI port, that was entirely your choice and if you have a problem with that now, you should have evaluated the situation a bit better. Maybe you should have got a PS3, but that was expensive, so you made your choice. Deal with it.
It's like complaining that the older model of your car didn't come with a stereo capable of playing MP3s, but the new one did and Ford or whatever should upgrade you for free. Or maybe you should have bought a more expensive car that did.

Just to clarify, I'm not slamming the 360 or the PS3, I'm slamming the ones that put down cold, hard cash for something and then got upset that it didn't have a feature that it was never advertised to have anyway.

prunchess3479d ago

I seem to have one of these 360's that doesn't have a HDMI port too.

N4Flamers3479d ago

people with launch 360's still exist? What do you all hibernate during the RROD articles.

IdleLeeSiuLung3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )


I must agree wholeheartedly. However, I hate it when console manufacturers upgrade hardware features. Traditionally there has been one spec, but then Sony started with the slim models removing featuers as well as Nintendo Gamecube.

----------------------------- ---------------
This is capable on the Xbox as well, as long as games can meet that 60fps and 1080p specs. There aren't too many games that meet this demanding requirement even on the mighty PS3.

Interresting technology indeed as I saw this at an Nvidia booth this summer for the PC. However, I didn't know you had to have a compatible TV. So everybody just switched to HDTV, and now we are switching to HD3DTV....

Sounds cool, but probably won't be mainstream at all until next generation. Otherwise, we might get games that have been downgraded graphics to meet the demands of the higher 1080p resolution. I would rather have better looking textures and more detail as we all know, difference between 720p and 1080p is negligable unless you have a very large TV. This is even less so for Video games than movies....

hitthegspot3479d ago

if this technology is Puke Proof? When the 80" screen glasses first hit the market most people were getting motion sickness. Anyone know if 3D will cause motion sickness?

player9113479d ago

I'm using 3D glasses right now on a VGA cable on my PC.

This whole article is a crock. You don't need 1080p, that is plain stupid. All that is being done is redrawing another view point. Hell you can do this in Quake 1 running 640x480 (I know because whats when I bought the glasses). Plus it was working on a CRT monitor way back in the day.

So HDMI, 1080p, etc is all a bunch of crap. The only thing that is required is the game play at a minimum 60 frames per second because the glasses actually alternate opening and closing (to produce the 3D effect) and in effect only see every other frame. The Human eye can only detect 30fps. So if your game is running at 60fps divided by 2 = 30fps. You also have to include extra frames per second because producing a completely alternative viewpoint will cause a slight hit in the frame rate.

Rhoic3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

wrong reply lol

Matpan3479d ago

Well I am sure Sony might have a couple of games that can run at steady 60FPS and 1080p right?... probably those two or three games during the whole console lifespan that take 3-5 years to develop (the least) and Sony boasts to death (like killzone2, been hearing about it for more than 3 years now, and don't get me wrong I LOVE how that game looks)... so yup... there you go... you can wait another five years for GT5 and bore yourself to death while realistically driving a photo realistic car in 3D... and get a headache after 20 min gameplay...

I don't fancy this stuff... I still like HD normal flat screen...

FarEastOrient3479d ago

I agree, my Xbox 360 doesn't come with HDMI and that is all three of them. This sucks, I guess a multi-platform game that comes 3D is going straight to the PS3 side of the fence.

UziSuicide3479d ago

That's not really true, the majority of PSN exclusives are 1080p native and their are several retail games also.

Sony doesn't advertise a game as being 1080p unless it is native, unlike MS who have no retail versions at 1080p, yet they put 1080p on the box... very unlike MS... *cough*

Live does have at least one 1080p native game, maybe a couple more but reports contradict one another.

So there you go, yes there are native 1080p game and yes it is miles ahead of anything upscaled.

UziSuicide3479d ago

Ah... the guy with both consoles...

You think you'd know there are quite a few native 1080p games, the majority being PSN but also several retail games.

Love people that say they own both consoles and don't have a clue.

UziSuicide3479d ago

No there are none, not retail anyway.

They're upscaled, that's just MS doing what it does best by inferring on the box that its games are 1080p.


LOL, since jasper did not fix anything i guess microsoft has another chipset in the works?


Rhythmattic3479d ago

I Agree godofthunder10.

Crysis is undoubtedly graphics king. However this is a 360/PS3 article, and as usual, we have another 360 owner (you) pulling at straws.

As for the info I've found on the Net.
As for Release dates , The original 360 was launched November 2005, and the first 360 with HDMI (US) was around May 2007, August 2007 all other territories.

If MS's sales are anything to go by, guesstimates are 9 Mi per year, at least for the first two, which means there is Approx 12 Mil 360's out there that DO NOT HAVE HDMI.

As for what you say, A core released (2005) SKU 360 (20GB HD) is low end, but An arcade system (years later) with HDMI , but no HD isnt?

I know, a paradox.

Which ever way you look at it, no 360 SKU can do 1080P (caps lock) "NATIVE"

And back to your insistence of Crysis on PC, it is without a doubt the highest Pier of graphical gaming, but no matter what bltch'n PC you got , it still cant run MGS4, LBP, GT5 nor the soon coming Killzone 2.

And that sir , is FACT.

The XBOT3478d ago

And only Cajun Chicken for his stubborness to be stupid.

This is for you [email protected]# face :)

Rhythmattic3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

@ The XBOT
For your Stubbiness/Blindness.......

"Now you can finally play your 360 games the way they were meant to be experienced: in true 1080p HD"

This Adaptor that converts analog signals to digital TRUE 1080P has to be the biggest marketing ploy I've seen.

How about 1080L .... (L is for Lie)

Its like getting an MP3 @ 128K VBR and converting it to Uncompressed 96K/24Bit WAV.

If you dont understand this example, I'll make it easier for you.

Q: How do you get a Litre of coke, and fill the equivalent of 2 Litre's worth of glasses ?
A: You Add water.

Trust me, it aint the same.

BTW. Its not even available via that catalog. Deleted perhaps ?


Matpan3478d ago

Hm... no, don´t own both consoles... I want to get a PS3 soon, but as of right now... just a 360.

ANd I was talking about GAMES (actual retail games) that run at native 1080p AND run at STEADY 60fps... read the full comment before answering to a little part of it :)

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Captain Tuttle3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Why doesn't Sony supply an HDMI cable with every PS3?

Edit: Good points to both below. Before Christmas I saw PS3 bundles in Costco that came with an extra DS3 and an HDMI cable for $489. I still think one should be standard in every box though, it really makes Sony seem disingenuous when it talks about the "Hi-Def experience". MS gives one with the Elite.

Fishy Fingers3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

They admitted other companys can produce perfectly good HDMI leads cheaper than Sony. Since then though Sony seem to do a range of pretty cheap cables, surprised they haven't started throwing one in the box.

But when your already making a lose, including more in the box aint the smartest idea.

Still, being forced to spend £10 on a cable is better than the £50, 360 HDMI conversion kit.

EdIT: Deep, yeah I got one free with the concole. Also got one free with my TV. Most outlets will do you a deal if your pushy enough. And like you said, unless the TVs are really cheap or they find a way to use a standard HDTV I'm not sure how far this tech will get.

techie3479d ago

You get them when you buy the console...usually included in the store bundle. Mine was anyway.

And you need a 3d tv for this anyway lol.

Cajun Chicken3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

I picked up a HDMI up for £5 on Amazon including postage and packaging.
My 360 only has Component and not HDMI and I can't magically aquire one without a hardware failure or buying a new model.

Shame about needing a 3D enabled TV, I don't see myself getting one of those soon.
I can't imagine how great Killzone 2, Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank would look though.

P4KY B3479d ago

Tesco have HDMI cables for £4.99.

hay3479d ago

@deep: Or glasses. They could afford to make 3D with standard cables and xbox but as they said, it's a standard that has been set. I think they're trying to push some 3D TV's on the market that's why they'll be trying to make this tech display based. Although cheaper/glasses option would be well appreciated...

thereapersson3479d ago

Well, they can't be *that* expensive if you can find an excellent quality cable on monoprice for under 10 dollars.

Still, the logic of your point does hold weight. At least MS provides component / RCA hybrid cables with the system; component cables are cheap as dirt nowadays, so you wonder why Sony is still packaging the old Red-Yellow-White RCA cables that they've had since the PSone?

techie3479d ago

It's not "or glasses." It's 3D TV AND glasses. There are some tv's that don't require glasses, but Blitz claim it's harder to get good results on them.

man0fsteel3479d ago is the way to go when trying to purchase an inexpensive and reliable HDMI Cable

hay3479d ago

@deep: I hope you're wrong. Not that I dislike you, just don't like the idea spending hard cash on 3DTV to experience stereoscopy in games...

InMyOpinion3479d ago

The Xbox 720 will deliver a deeper 3D experience than the PS4! Oh yes! I'm warming up!

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Fishy Fingers3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Well if it takes off then that's a kick in the nuts to any old 360 or pre-HDMI HDTV owner.

More importantly still... "games must be rendered in 1080p at 60 frames-per-second." So this obviously isn't going to become the standard.

Edit: The Blitz tech requires new screens (TV/monitor) anyway. I aint buying a new TV anytime soon (got one 10 days ago). OLED is next.

Rich16313479d ago

Yeah, see that is what sucks. I got a launch 360 and it doesn't have an HDMI slot.

Rhoic3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

> >

Mike134nl3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Remember reading article yesterday or 2 days ago about a demo 3d game running on both xbox360 and ps3.

In which they did mentioned that it would ad substantial costs for development, another issue was that 3d games will need to support 3D from the start. (not allowing old/already excisting games to be made 3d compatible)

Given that developers who saw the demo where enthousiastic and considering it would propably take about 3 years before the game would be finished.

3D compatible games propably won't see the light until the next generation of consoles.

techie3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

"Another issue was that 3d games will need to support 3D from the start. (not allowing old/already excisting games to be made 3d compatible)"

Then how did Sony get Wipeout and GT5p working then?

N4Flamers3479d ago

it happens to state that they didnt want to specify if the games had been rebuilt to run in 3d or not, furthermore it all so states that since gt5p isnt fully native 1080p developers can get away with getting most games on there.

I believe that they will be able to add 3d support for games that run at 60fps in the future, probably through a patch. That is just a guess.

The only thing I can say is that this article expects me to wip out the credit card for a new tv. thats not freaking happening.

militant073479d ago

thnx god my 360 with HDMI output i bought it after the death of old model 360

still working good after 9months

Leathersoup3479d ago

heh I had a launch 360 that ran perfectly. When I found out about the hdd installs with NXE last summer I traded it in on an Elite... which I had to trade in after 4 months due to a defective dvd drive. The replacement is doing fine though. :)

Anon19743479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

I guess with the warranties now expiring all across the board it's either buy a new 360 or go without. Personally, when my 4th 360 console I have now goes, I'll go without. I'm still quite pissed that MS knew there was a problem and still shipped those units out to everyone.
"We have to get to market first!"
"But we'll end up screwing 30% of the gamers who buy our product. For them it'll be a huge pain in the ass."
"Screw em! They're only 30% Eventually we'll get that number down to 15% being screwed. We'll be making money and most gamers will have a wonderful time."

Great for 70% of 360 owners. A constant irritant for the rest of us. I cringe every single time I turn my 360 on, expecting yet another rrod especially considering the last console they sent me was older than the one it replaced. And the worst thing is I've spent over $900 on the damn thing with XBL, Wi-Fi, controllers, extended warranties, charge kits, more charge kits. I'd just throw it away or sell it on Ebay for $100 and play my PS3 all the time if I hadn't sunk so much money into the bloody thing. I feel like I've gotta get some use out of it, but I'm almost afraid to play it. You don't want to get into a game like Fallout because that would be like taking a roadtrip with a car on it's last legs. You get a long ways into your trip and then if something happens your SOL.

Anyway. Most 360's don't have HDMI. I can see them developing this tech a bit more for the PS3 because it'll be around longer, but we know the 360 is on it's way out so I would imagine if anything they might give this tech a chance on the 360's replacement or not at all.