Dolby at CES 2009: Gaming audio evolves

Gaming audio evolves...

...Dolby informs us that the company "continues to marry its R&D with advances in processors, storage and networking to create better experiences for the future."

Several recently announced technologies that point to a more amazing future include Dolby Pulse which "combines the efficiency of High Efficiency AAC (HE AAC) audio coding with Dolby's proven quality and broadcast expertise" and Dolby Axon gaming technology which "enables developers to deliver a realistic voice experience that matches the game environment."

The latter, in particular, sounds like it will change the audio experience in gaming quite drastically, as "voices get louder as gamers approach one another, and fainter with distance.

"Like in life, voices are obstructed by objects in the game or virtual environment. Dolby Axon's integrated voice gives creative control and provides unique interactive features that expand game play possibilities."

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