Growing old and bored with video games

Game companies are worried about gamers growing up and growing bored said the Wall Street Journal earlier this week (available only through subscription). A study of "lapsed console gamers" by consulting and research firm Frank N. Magid Associates shows where gamers lose the faith. The first drop occurs as males enter the 18-34 demo, where those playing console games once a week drops from 78 percent (12-17 year-olds) to 42 percent. At 35-44 the playing drops to 24 percent...

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LilClaw4290d ago

Well if you think about it, it's because they get jobs and work for a living. Also a male who is 18 or older may be married as well. I don't think that many wives would want their husbands play video games instead of fixing the sink or something.

techie4290d ago

Duhhh this article is stupid. Of course people may get bored of video games - but then you get a whole new generation growing with it. Duh

hhuete4290d ago

im 22 years old
work full time 44hrs week, just had a little girl
well duhhh i play alot less then i used to, but damn i still follow everything i know whats happening and i know what games im going to buy before they come out
this article is stupid...
u could also say, a recent study proves the older you get the closer you get to dying...

Monchichi0254290d ago

Have we not yet learned that WallStreet has absolutly NO idea of what they talk about with gaming???? Gamers who have grown up with gaming consider it part of them now and will be gaming until they die. Since they are not gamers they have no idea what that means looking in from the outside.

Bullseye4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

Yes, i agree with your comment. I'm in the older range for gamers and while i have become more selective in what i play over the years, i still consider gaming in the same way as watching T.V ,reading a book or indeed,browsing the internet. It's relaxation for when you get time off from the normal daily routine of work,family and so forth.I certainly won't be giving it up simply because i'm older.

Dukester1014290d ago

i'm 21 years old, and i'll admit, now that i have my own house, a full-time job, part-time college classes, and bills to pay, girlfriend to take care of.... i play games a lot less than i did when i lived at home.

the older i get, the less i'll play, but gaming will always be a part of me (i'll be playing it with my kids, and getting them the latest games/consoles.