Sony Ericsson C905 - the PS3 phone ¦ PS3 Attitude Review

PS3 Attitude writes: "Sony Ericsson was good enough to allow PS3 Attitude special access to the C905 phone over the Christmas period so we could exclusively try out its PS3 integration features.

Read on to discover why, if you're a PS3 owner, you might want to consider getting your hands on one of these 8 megapixel superphones. Since you're all nice people, we'll even reveal some new features that are coming soon to the C905..."

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Brodiesan3512d ago

Some nice features but that "video streaming ability to the PS3" is really something I'd need before picking one up.

DolphGB3512d ago

Since I use my phone for the camera (photos) more than I do for taking video, it doesn't worry me.

The ability to stream and copy photos and music to the PS3 wirelessly is everything I need right now, and those extra features they're delivering in February and later in the year are just plus points...

Brodiesan3512d ago

From reading other sites it appears that the phone gets above average reviews (7/10 for example) but is flagged as being very expensive compared to competing models.

How much is this bad boy going to set me back?

DolphGB3512d ago

Depending on your plan, the C905 is available free of charge in the UK.

On 3, for example, you can get it on a £27 per month contract.

DolphGB3511d ago

If you bought it full retail price in the US, but who does that?

Either you'll get it cheap/discounted, or free/very cheap on a bucket plan, surely?

Graphics Whore3512d ago

Streaming capabilities and 8MP Camera? That interests me in all honesty however I rather a touch phone preferably iPhone.

Danny_D3512d ago

Well, I was being generous in the title. I should just have said they suck. Just like the T-Mobile G1.

Graphics Whore3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Explain why they suck then. How do user-friendly interfaces suck?

Graphics Whore3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

My bad double post. Anyways adopters of new technologies will always have the dinosaur consumer, too stubborn for his own good.

Danny_D3512d ago

Windows Mobile has had a user-friendly interfaces for years before Apple dolled up and ridiculously overpriced a mediocre phone. Apple made sure they had the hottest fashion statement before they had an even fair smart phone.

Smoke and mirrors man, dolled up touch screen and interface clouding below average hardware and gimped firmware that took years to catch up with the launch hype. Not worth it then, now, or ever.

There are far superior and more affordable alternatives out there. In my opinion, most HTC models blow any iPhone out of the water in any aspect.

artsaber3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Remember the P800? I have owned a P910, and now own a Pl1... I will probably upgrade to this smart phone later. Sony has had touch screen phones with built in camcorders for about 8 to 10 years now, and some folks drool over an iPhone like it is new tech... amazing. Just like idiots clamoring over the new Blackberry with a touch screen... folks buying up old tech at a new tech price. You gotta love dumb or uninformed cusomers who do no research and let advertising decide what they purchase.

Sony has had touchscreen smartphones w/camera for a long azz time. My Sony Ericsson PL1 is 3G, has DUAL cameras, etc. But isn't it funny how people buy things like iPhones and phones like this but COMPLAIN about the price of a PS3? Moronic isn't it? Oh, and I have yet to pay retail for my phones, all the ones I bought were hundreds of dollars cheaper. My advice, Shop around.

Graphics Whore3511d ago

"Windows Mobile has had a user-friendly interfaces for years before Apple dolled up and ridiculously overpriced a mediocre phone"

I disagree, Android and iPhone's interface is good for the on the go consumer who does not have business relations besides iPhone is open source and so is Android those are automatic advantages however HTC phones are good too.

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Kleptic3512d ago

its not so much a 'PS3' it is a phone with DLNA capabilities...which is awesome...but several non-Sony phones will have that this year too...

might pick one up after the price comes way down...I've been buying unlocked phones online since I replaced my first phone back in 2002...and I've had a SE W810 for almost 3 years the time it was awesome because it had a decent browser and media player, and supported MS Duo cards...but its relatively old now; but i still love the thing...

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