EA announce Red Alert 3: Uprising

EA has revealed that a standalone title set to catapult players deeper into the Red Alert 3 universe will be available for PC in March.

The single-player expansion titled Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising takes players into the aftermath of the epic battles in Red Alert 3, with the Soviets still reeling from a crushing defeat, the Empire of the Rising Sun desperately trying to regain both honor and identity and the seemingly victorious Allies finding themselves in the midst of corruption and deceit within their own ranks.

Check out the first screen and info through the jump.

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iilluminate3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Red Alert 3 hasn't been out long, and as a long time C&C fan this expansion is perhaps one of the most unsurprising efforts to cash in on past successes of a series.

At least Kane's Wrath had the incentive of seeing more of Kane, who is something of an icon, but Red Alert 3 doesn't really have any characters to make it worth getting.

Red Alert 3 was quite disappointing in general, and rather uninspired. I think this expansion could be one of the first C&C products to score a 5/10 average by critics, who I suspect are running out of patience with the lack of new ideas.

Montrealien3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

I dissagree, I enjoyed Red Alert 3 an thought is was a good game to waste some time on, it is just plain retarded fun. As for Milking it, expansions are part of an RtSs life cycle, they all have expansions. Granted this one does seem soon, but at least they are giving what the fans want.

every expansion is an effort to cash in on past success.

JsonHenry3357d ago

While I agree this does seem soon, you will not hear me complain about it.

I really enjoyed the game. Co-op campaign was fun and the multiplayer experience is the best since Zero Hour. Can't wait!

JsonHenry3357d ago

I just read that the PC version will be Digital Download only?!

iilluminate3357d ago

Expansions can be great, I actually thought Zero Hour added enough to Generals to make it essential. The problem is that all the C&C games since have only really made superficial changes to the Generals formula.

Giving fans what they want is the ideal scenario, but there is a fine line between doing this and releasing something easy knowing fans will buy it no matter what.

Sooner or later people will get tired playing uninspired missions. I completed the Red Alert 3 campaigns and never really enjoyed the experience. There was very little we hadn't seen before and the movie sequences were bordering on offensive with respect to what fans deserve. Certainly not a bad game, but the number of releases is a bit high, and they're not even close to recapturing the atmosphere of the original Red Alert.

I've given EA's handling of C&C the benefit of the doubt for some time... but my patience is now wearing a bit thin ;)

Montrealien3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

iilluminate said

(Giving fans what they want is the ideal scenario, but there is a fine line between doing this and releasing something easy knowing fans will buy it no matter what)

Westwood milked it just as much and helped shape the RTS expansion market as we know it today. The first C&C had 1 expansion and the Sole Survivor Multiplayer pack, Red Alert had 2 expansions and a compilation pack. And all this within 4 years, 95-99 with Virgin as the publisher not EA.

All I`m saying is that blaming EA is wrong and that in the end the RTS market has always been like this and many people will be happy about this (Milking) including myself. People did not get tired then, they wont get tired now.

It`s like when people say EA have been Milking the Sims since the bought Maxis, yet forget the 10+ (SIM) variations Maxis released all on there own in the late 90`s.

Sim Safari
Sim Town
Sim Island
Sim Copter
Sim yadayadayada
Sim Tower


All milked way before EA bought them, same goes for C&C. I always think that as long as the milk aint bad and people like to drink it, milk it all you want.

TheIneffableBob3357d ago

Uprising is PC-exclusive and will be digital download only.

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Marquis_de_Sade3356d ago

Mehh, why do Allies always have to win 0_0, communism for the win!