Is the PSP Hurting the PS3?

PS3 Informer Writes:

"Sony likes to refer to its lineup of video game consoles as a "family". But just like in a Wes Anderson movie, each member of the family has its own quirks and character flaws. First, there is the condescending older brother PS2 who thinks he knows everything just because he sold 100 million units like, a decade ago. Then there are the two younger siblings, the PSP and PS3. PS3 thinks she is pretty hot and has the hardware specs to support that claim.

Unfortunately for everybody, the petulant young PSP just refuses to play by the rules and risks cocking the whole thing up for everybody. Here's why."

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clinker3330d ago

I thought that was a pretty interesting article, but I disagree. If anything, the PSP is helping the PS3 because when gamers play franchiseslike God of War and REsistance on the handheld, they are going to want the real thing eventually.

yoghurt3330d ago

+ as collaboration between ps3 and psp increases it should encourage people to have both

Sony should be marketing that fact more, such as the resistance link, play tv link, its much more powerful than people realise

Capt CHAOS3330d ago

When I get a PSP, I'd be looking to get a PS3 just for the interaction atleast.

PS360WII3330d ago

I think the perception of the PSP is hurting the PS3. PSP by all accounts is doing great but it's always being put up against the DS which makes it look like it's not doing so hot.

Take that mentality and throw it in for the PS3 which by all accounts is selling well with hardware and software but is always put up against the 360 and Wii which makes it look like it's not doing so great.

The same ideals are put on two systems which are doing what they should be doing. Selling. But because the competition is doing "better" they consider them hurting ><

clinker3330d ago

That is well said. I would hate to have to go up against a Nintendo handheld... and Sony is the only company in history to have done it successfully.

waznotwaz3330d ago

You can make whatever analogies that you like.The bottom line is it is the price that is damaging the sales of the ps3.The ps3 had a bad start because gamers wanted a games console and not necessarily an all in Blu ray multi media system.The only time that there has been a significant serge in sale of the ps3 was when Sony could afford to cut the price due to reductions in manufacturing costs.Since that time the xbox 360 has had a big price cut and a big rise in sales.In my opinion Sony need to do three things pretty damn sharpish.1.Advertise the hell out of Killzone 2.I mean advertise BIG.2.Pass on their further reductions in manufacturing.A price cut is desperately needed.BEFORE THE REALISE OF KILLZONE 2.And finally,3.A clean sweep of the brush.They need to sack some of the people at the top.Start afresh with someone else in charge at the rudder.I have so little faith in Sonys management team that I am willing to say here and now that there will eventually be a price cut,sometime after they have released Killzone 2.Killzone 2 can never be a Halo killer,but it could be a Sony saviour,if it is handled properly.Sony don't like to be seen to be copying anybody,but they should copy Microsofts adverting policy for the original xbox.They flooded the marketplace with Halo adverts.People saw the ads and decided there and then that they wanted that game.So remember this Sony,gamers buy consoles to play games.You have your best possible console seller just around the corner.Start flooding the marketplace with Killzone 2 ads and get that price cut in.NOW.

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